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The High Realm of Stormark
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Goðsvara Thingeyris

The Goddess Elwynn, Fulltrui and Sacred Queen of Eluin

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The Goddess Elwynn, Sacred Queen of the Elwynnese Union, as worshipped by the Storish Froyalanish Vanafolk.


Worship of the Lady Divine Elwynn by the Froyalanish Vanafolk commenced in the Lands of the Two Sacred Rivers during the Ducal Reign of Duke Harald of Froyalan (1533-1542 in elw years) and quite quickly carried over from the then Duchy of Froyalan to the Lands of the Longships Throne. The Goddess Elwynn is nowadays considered a full Vanic Lady Divine by all of the Vanafolk.
Since the ascension of the Prince Thorstein Noah of Elwynn to the Serene Throne of Elwynn the aforesaid White Orchid Throne practices hierogamy. In consequence thereof the aforementioned princeling shall wed the Lady Elwynn during his Fyrstetekja, his coronation as Prince of Elwynn, which shall take place some time after he has come of age in accordance with the Laws of the Lands of Elwyna.
According to Froyalanish legend and lore their worship of the Goddess Elwynn was triggered when some Ducal Surveyors of Froyalanish descent got lost on Bifrost, the larger of the two islands of the archipelago of two polar islands which is known as Hyperborea, and caught up in a savage snowstorm. The aforesaid Lady Divine saved their lives and took them into Mount Yaanek where they stayed as Her guests until were able to travel back to the mainland of the Duchy of Froyalan.
Back home the Ducal Surveyors were full of praise of the Lady Elwynn and they started to spread the word about Her among the Froyalanish Vanafolk. The number of Vanafolkers who included the aforesaid Lady Divine in their rituals grew exponentially.
In turn the Goddess Elwynn began to answer the calls of the Froyalanish Vanafolk and appear to them. In the beginning quite scarcely due to Her being accustomed to an isolated life on Bifrost, but later increasingly often when the Lady Divine noticed that Her powers were growing as result of the Froyalanish Vanafolk worshipping Her.
Some time later the Vanir Goddesses invited the Lady Elwynn to their home world Vanaheim where they taught Her Vanic magic. They also bestowed the aforesaid River Goddess with a hall and lands, nowadays collectively known as the Elwynn Estate, which serve as Lady Divine’s residence during Her frequent stays in Vanaheim.

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