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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Tapfer Continental Organization and Standardization Treaty (Ratification) Act of Year 14

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Law of Stormark
Act of the Althing


Article 1. Ratification of the Tapfer Continental Organization and Standardization Treaty

The Tapfer Continental Organization and Standardization Treaty between the Empire of the Alexandrians, the Island Federation of the Republic of Gong and the Holy Empire of Jingdao at Sea, the Bovic Tapferite Empire of the Natopian Nation, and the High Realm of Stormark in the Schedule to this Act is hereby ratified by the Most Honourable Jarls in the Althing assembled.

Article 2. Power to Make Rules and Regulations

From the instance that the Tapfer Continental Organization and Standardization Treaty comes into force, the High King in the High Council of the Realm may make all the rules and regulations He may deem necessary or expedient to carry the purposes and provisions of the aforesaid Treaty into effect.

Article 3. Short Title

This Act may be cited as the Tapfer Continental Organization and Standardization Treaty (Ratification) Act of Year 14.

Article 4. Short Title and Commencement

This Act shall come into operation immediately after it has received the Imperial Assent.


The Tapfer Continental Organization and Standardization Treaty


The Empire of the Alexandrians

The Island Federation of the Republic of Gong and the Holy Empire of Jingdao at Sea

The Bovic Tapferite Empire of the Natopian Nation

The High Realm of Stormark


WHEREAS the four continental powers on Tapfer [Alexandria, Jingdao, Natopia, and Stormark] hereafter referred to as the Tapfer Powers, have meet together in peaceful congress in the city of Frenzyville in the center of our shared continent to discuss matters of geography, borders, resources, and multi- and bi-lateral projects, the same Tapfer Powers, and their duly appointed delegates have agreed upon this pact to bind themselves to each other as eternal neighbors.

The Tapfer Powers do hereby proclaim to the world that we have bound ourselves to the following provisions:

Article One

1.The Tapfer Powers, following the provisions of the Micras Treaty Organization's Convention on the Laws of the Seas, have agreed upon the continent's territorial waters and each Power's reserve zone.

2. The territorial waters of each Power are recognized to be indistinguishable from that power's land; all laws and jurisdictions extend to these territorial waters.

3. The reserve zone (or exclusive economic zone or EEZ) of each Power is not to be considered the territory of the Tapfer Power, but all resources found within the reserve zone are the exclusive property of that Power and that Power has the exclusive right to mine, drill, harvest, etc., or sell/trade the rights to mine, drill, harvest, etc., to a third party.

4. All resource extraction in the combined reserve zones of the Tapfer Powers is to be undertaken in an environmentally conscious manner and in such a way that it does not infringe, overflow, impact, or effect in anyway the reserve zone or territorial water or territory of another Tapfer Power unless the project has been agreed upon by all affected Powers.

5. A map of the territorial waters and reserve zones of the Tapfer Powers is included in Schedule A of this treaty.

Article Two

1. No systems of burdensome tariffs, taxes, searches, or regulations will be applied to goods produced on Tapfer and exported to other Powers on Tapfer.

2. Internal laws regarding prohibition of certain goods or products are not affected by this treaty and Tapfer Powers retain the right to refuse banned goods and products.

3. Transit passage is permitted only for private and commercial vessels registered to the Tapfer Powers through the reserve zones and territorial waters solely for the purpose of continuous and expeditious travel between one part of the international waters or reserve zone and another.

4. Military vessels are barred from other Tapfer Powers' reserve zones and territorial waters without prior authorization.

Article Three

1. The airspace of a Tapfer Power is defined as all air, up to 100km, directly above the Tapfer Power and its territorial water, but not its reserve zone. The airspace of Tapfer is open to all other Tapfer Powers for commercial and passenger services. This access may be temporarily revoked by a Tapfer Power in national emergencies.

2. Airspace within a Power's reserve zone, or international airspace beyond a Power's reserve zone and not included in any other nation's reserve zone may be placed under the air traffic control agency of a Tapfer Power for controlling passenger and cargo planes safely.

3. Military aircraft may not use another Tapfer Power's airspace without prior authorization.

Article Four

1. Drivers of civilian and commercial vehicles may not be impeded when traveling on the Tapfer Highway System under normal conditions. All drivers are subject to the local laws of the Tapfer Power they are travelling through. Each Tapfer Power must clearly post speed limits, special traffic rules (e.g. no traveling in passing lane), or other applicable laws (e.g. seat belt requirements) alongside the Highway.

1.1 The police force of each Tapfer Power may arrest drivers who violate local laws. Vehicles may be stopped by police on the shoulder of the Highway if safety permits, or at the next available exit.

2. Citizens of Alexandria, Jingdao, Natopia, and Stormark who are primary residents on Tapfer shall enjoy access to cross borders on Tapfer with minimal restrictions.

3. Each Tapfer Power may establish border controls at the Tapfer Highway exits and/or entrances within their land.

4. The security forces of the Tapfer Powers will share information with each other on dangerous individuals who may currently be on the continent or planning to visit.

Article Five

1. The Tapfer Powers do hereby agree to the standardized names of the various major geographic features of the continent.

2. The geographic features and names are included in Schedule B of this treaty.

Article Six

1. The Tapfer Powers, having tasked surveyors and cartographers to record their lands, do hereby agree to a standardized terrain map of the continent.

2. The continental terrain map is included in Schedule C of this treaty.

Article Seven

1. The Tapfer Powers agree to the construction of the Tapfer Highway System.

2. Each Tapfer Power will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the highway within its borders.

3. Each Tapfer Power may build any number of spurs, bypasses, or alternate routes and connect them to the Tapfer Highway System as long as the routes are entirely within the Power's borders.

4. New routes that cross borders will require the approval of all Tapfer Powers involved.

5. The initial routes of the Tapfer Highway System are included in Schedule D of this treaty.

Article Eight

1. This treaty will go into force once all Tapfer Powers ratify it according to their constitutional and legal mechanisms.

2. The Court of the Calm Waters in Lindström, Natopia, is the official repository of this treaty. Notices of ratification, calls for conferences, or withdrawal will be submitted to Lindström.

3. Changes to this treaty must be approved by subsequent conferences of the Tapfer Powers. Amended treaties will be subject to ratification.

4. Future conferences convene in cities on Tapfer within the Tapfer Power that called for the conference.

5. Disagreements on the contents of this treaty will be mediated by the Tapfer Powers themselves.

The Delegates to the Tapfer Conference:

Signed for Alexandria


E D G A R D V S - I M P E R A T O R - A L E X A N D R I N V S

Signed for Jingdao


Peter Laidon

Minister of the Isles

Signed for Natopia


The Evergreen

Emperor of the Natopians

Signed for Stormark



Dauðlegur Forn Siðr Drottning Sigrdrífa the Priestess of the House of Vanadís, Ærkejarla of Thingeyri and the Idunn Isles, Yfirstormarksgythia and High Priestess of the Thingeyri Temple, Queen Mortal of the Ancient Ways, Storish Ambassador to the Bovic Tapferite Empire of the Natopian Nation

Schedules to the Treaty:

Schedule A


Schedule B


Schedule C


Schedule D


In consequence of Us looking with favour upon the decision of the Althing of that Day of the Lord Týr, which is known to Us, Our Well-Beloved Royals, Nobles, Knights and Thegns, and all Our other Well-Beloved Patricians and Citizens whatsoever as the Thirtieth Day of the Month Thrymheim in the Fourteenth Year of the Second Viking Age in the Second Epoch of Our High Realm that the Law Speaker of the said Althing has most graciously laid before Us, We have assented to and confirmed, as We hereby do assent to and do confirm the same as Law under Our Hand and the Great Seal of Our High Realm.

So be it!!

Given at the Court of the Three Ladies Divine, since time immemorial situated at the Vanadísarhall on the holy island in the sacred river Fulltrui Flow known as Hnossa Isle which is seated within the bounds of the Imperial City of Haraldsborg in Our Jarldom of Gularike, on this Day of the Lord Týr, the Thirtieth Day of the Month Thrymheim in the Fourteenth Year of the Second Viking Age in the Second Epoch of Our High Realm.



Haraldur Freyjugjöf af Ættingjunum Freyju, Yfirkonungur Stórmerkur

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