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[Uptown Haraldsborg] Tragedy

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It was an early morning. The sun was not yet up. Esther was soundly sleeping in her Haraldsborg apartment. It was a small apartment, but secluded. As she was still not used to being in the public eye, she had arranged to get a small apartment in uptown Haraldsborg. Using pseudonyms, she and her elder son often stayed there when nannies took care of the twins and her husband was out in the various jarldoms, performing imperial duties.

The imperial security service had made sure that staying some nights during the weeks at this apartment was perfectly safe. Esther liked being here. It felt like a sense of normalcy. Nothing had been as it should have for many, many years... She had always been an introvert, and she cherished her quiet moments. Soon the twins would start to talk, and nothing would be the same again.

She was still very tired these days for caring for them, so she was happy that the good nannies did a splendid job.

Now, at this early morning, only Esther and Jonathan were sleeping. For security reasons, though it was claimed it would never be needed, there was a bodyguard on alert all night. His name was Jarl Andersson. And as Jarl was always quick to say while in royal contexts, his name was Jarl. "I am no noble, though I hope I have a noble heart!"

The events of this early morning would prove that he indeed had a noble heart.

Jarl was the first one to notice the crack in the window. Glass shattered to the inside. As he checked on it, he found is so strange -- why would the window crack... and why to the inside? They were after all on the twentieth floor.

He would not be able to give that much thought, before three figures in black ambushed him and slit his throat. The last thing Jarl had on his mind was that these figures were quick and fast... they impressed him. He had a few moments to think of his wife, Liv, and two children at home, Baster and Helga, before the bleeding went too far and he lost his consciousness.

A few moments later he died.

By pure chance, Jonathan woke up at this point. He was at this age of hormones and angsta troubled sleeper. He would often sleep badly. He too cherished this apartment, where he could walk and go as he pleased. Walking from his bedroom to the kitchen, clad in boxers and an oversized t-shirt, he saw the blood on the floor by the balcony. And then the body. Jarl's body.

By pure accident, he was standing right by the alarm button in the hallway. He hit it immediately. He then hurried to his mother's bedroom to see if she was okay. But it was too late. She had bled to death in her sleep. Her bedroom window was cracked. The glass had shattered outward.

Jonathan felt like the loneliest person in the world. At that moment, a security team entered the room, and Jonathan was hurried out to safety.


One thought lingered on his mind: why had he survived this untouched?

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A High Priestess wishes to convey that she is exuberantly saddened by the Lady Esther's death. :crying:


Pray be advised that I feel superabundantly feel the same as Her High Holiness. :(

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OOC: Ugh, you just had to pick Peter from the Narnia series as your avatar. I lust after that man... UNF.


IC: Tragic death! These men must and will be brought to justice, where they will meet the steel of an axe for this terrorist act!

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