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The High Realm of Stormark
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Sigrdrífa the Priestess

Sustenance of Lady Esther

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Haha, oh!


Short answer: mostly based on investments made on inheritence


Long answer: lots of legal hassle after my identity was confirmed -- the latest treaty with Natopia has certainly helped, and international succession of states... accounts here and there found across the world -- my nephew having held all my inheritence in trust...and so on.

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Átta: Monetary Grant

Any member of this Imperial Valtian House shall upon admission to the Imperial House of Ettlingar Freyu be bestowed a monetary grant paid out of the income from the assets of this Imperial Valtian House.


A High Priestess wishes to convey to Lady Esther that according to the Article Ätta of the Seventh Chapter of the Law of Ettlingar Freyu she also is entitled to the above.

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