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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Map of Frostarike

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  • What is Reikistjarna and why is Micras considered its dark side? :[


Reikistjarna means "planet" in the Icelandic language and is the planet on which all Storish lands are situated. Vanaorb and Micras are the two sides of the planet and are each other's mirror worlds, like two sides of the same coin. This was caused by some sort of catastrophe.


For the purposes of the Storish simulation is Vanaorb the Light Side, which means illuminated by the Divine. It represents the "good" people who were magically transported to a new land free from the yokes of the Old World.


The Micran side is the darker half, unilluminated by the Divine where the "bad" things happen. It is, for example, the place where Siserian genocide occurred and, as another example of this concept, also represents the fascist, dictatorial side of the Vaan Aujoen in keeping with traditional Crandish culture/history.


  • Where can I find a full map of Vanaorb?


Here you may find the Fulltrui Map, the full map of Vanaorb.

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