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The High Realm of Stormark
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Sigrdrífa the Priestess

Lady Esther's First Husband

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My lady,


We were pretty mature, both of us, when we met. It was only a few years before the genocide. We met through mutual study friends from our days at the university of Huyenkula. Even though we are born the same year, we had never seen each other until our mutual friends introduced us to each other. They thought we were a good match. Then, we fell quickly in love, married, and I was pregnant as he and I tried to flee Hurmu during the Siseran invasion. He was hit by gunfire just three or four hundred metres from the border to Stormark. He told me, five seconds after being shot, to "don't you dare to stop, my love, run!", and those were his last words.


Our son, Jonathan, has the patronymic Merlingsson in honour of his father, in defiance of the usual Hurmu tradition of metronymics.

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