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The High Realm of Stormark
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Introducing herself at the Court

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"Ah Lady Wenche!" Esther exclaimed as she arrived at the Vanadisarhall. "There you are!"


Lady Wenche had been in contact with Esther before. Esther had wanted an audience with the High King so she could give him her letters of credence from Natopia's emperor, her nephew.


"Lady Wenche, when do you think the High King would receive me?"

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Jarla Wenche Gulbrandsdottir of the House of Mývatn, the Secretary of the High King's Private Cabinet, curtsied for Lady Esther Maryam Amirdokhtar of Ayreon-Kalirion.


"Lady Esther, it is so good to see you again!", she replied.


"I have some good news for you. His Imperial and Royal Majesty is already awaiting you at His solar in the Fulltrui Tower of the Vanadísarhall, ready to receive you in private audience."


The Storish Archroyal took Lady Esther by the hand and graciously she walked the High King's future daughter-in-law through the Imperial splendor of the Vanadísarhall to the High King's solar in the Fulltrui Tower of the Imperial Hall.

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The Vanadisarhall was truly an amazing building. So much richness, so much luxury. Some of the statues, she realized were not statues, but soldier-guards standing very still and majestic.


As she entered the High King's solar, she did as instructed according to procotol, go forward to him, bowing deeply, and giving the High King the letters of credence, holding the folder with her hands:








Imperial Cousin

I have the honour to convey to you Imperial and Royal Majesty and to the whole government of the High Realm of Stormark my sincerest greetings and desires for the advancement of the relationship between our countries.

As such, I am pleased to name Her Imperial Highness The Lady Esther Ayreon-Kalirion, Emira of Sathrati, as Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the Bovic Tapferite Empire of the Natopian Nation to your Imperial Majesty's Court and Government.

The Ambassador will have the full credentials of the Imperial Bovic Government to represent and act in the name of the Empire of the Natopian Nation in all manners, until our further pleasure is signified.

I have the honour to remain your faithful cousin.


Edited by Esther

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High King Harald quietly observed Lady Esther Maryam Amirdokhtar of Ayreon-Kalirion, taking the measure of this Lady Imperial who had turned his usually very sober-minded son Hallbjörn into a starry eyed teenager drunk on love.


To his delight the Sovereign Lord of Stormark noticed that was every inch an Imperial Princess and 100% wife material. And also quite hot too!!


In accordance with Imperial Protocol the High King acknowledged Lady Esther's deep bow and took the Letters of Credence which had been issued by her nephew Emperor Nathaniel of Natopia and quickly read its contents.


"Welcome to Stormark, Your Imperial Highness", High King Harald warmly said. "It truly is a pleasure to be able to receive here, at the Court of the Three Ladies Divine. May your mission in the Lands of the Longships Throne be a smashing succes."

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"Your Imperial and Royal Majesty, my gratitude is great for this welcome," Esther smiled and bowed slightly once more. "I look forward to working with your government and to knowing your family better". The coming engagement between her and the high king's son was still a secret for the outside world, but she hoped that this hint would not leak any information more. Soon she would visit the high king's son, introduce him to her son, and start the plans for the betrothal and the final wedding matters. The negotiations were already complete... now only some final stuff were missing.


And with that, she left the Vanadisarhall and drew up plans for establishing an embassy.

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