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The High Realm of Stormark
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High King Harald

Coat of Arms of the Merchant Jarldom

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Beloved Patricians and Friends,


I hereby present you with the Arms of the Jarldom of Eidsivarike, which is also known as the Artisan Jarldom. You may find it in the post below.

  • The three woolsacks symbolize trade and commerce of which the area of Eidsivarike since ancient times is a very important centre;
  • The white border represents the ancient stronghold of Hedeby Rock, which nowadays is the seat of the Jarl of Eidsivarike;
  • The royal colour of purple symbolizes the prosperity of the area of the Eidsiva Tribe, where it was said that any man could live as a king there.

On the motto scroll below the Arms there is written the motto of the Jarldom of Eidsivarike: "En god gjerning fortjener en annen", which means "Quid pro quo" in the local Storish dialect.

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