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    Warden's Titles

    Sections 23-28 of this Act says: You may want to add something romantic as you usually do!
  2. Elijah Ayreon

    Results of the High Justiciar's Election for Noatun 12 Term

    The Elwynnese embassy extends its congratulations to Lady Unna of Skalavik for her reelection. It hopes that the new government appointed by the High Justiciar will advance the cause of human rights, democracy, multilateralism and other principles considered mutual to both Elwynn and Stormark.
  3. Elijah Ayreon

    New Nationality Law

    Friends The Senate has adopted the Act on Elwynnese Nationality. Nationals of Elwynn resident in Stormark should be aware of its contents
  4. Elijah Ayreon

    Elwynn Census

    Your Majesty I now understand the predicament. The current nationality law, the Act on the Nationality within the Union, states "Each Union national has the right to renounce his or her Union nationality. Renunciations shall be made to, and regulated and administered by, the responsible officer of the government, and shall be made truthfully." (s. 3:1). Having done some legal digging myself (it is quite fun, don't you agree?), I have found that "the responsible officer of the government" in this case would, as defined under The Administration Act, be the minister for internal affairs, which in Elwynn's government is called Councillor for Arts and Protocol. As of a coincidence, I confirmed Lûix Rakira as Councillor for Arts and Protocol earlier today. If it is necessary to renounce nationality immediately (or if the bill before the Senate isn't passed), the way to do so, unless Stormark's law is changed of course, would to make a public statement in any of the Hall of Harmony's offices, such as the Tourism, Immigration and Nationality Office or the Hall of Harmony itself. Of course, if no legal sanctions await you to if you take a few days to consider this, I would say that the easiest route would be to renounce nationality when the bill is enacted. Then this embassy, as a representation of the Court of the Prince here in Stormark, would be as appropriate as any other Court of the Prince venue to perform these administrative tasks. You may also wish to consider amending your law. The Law on Ettlingar Freyu did fortunately enough, I believe, not spell out any sanctions for disobeying that specific clause (the subsequent however!). Knowing the people here in Stormark, I am sure that you will walk out of this, however you do it, blamelessly.
  5. Elijah Ayreon

    Elwynn Census

    Your Majesty, The questions on law raised here in the embassy made it necessary to review the current nationality law. It was found necessary to combat confusion by adopting a new law on nationality altogether. The new law would, if passed (voting would end in four to five days from now), recognize all nationals from before but also make renunciation practically possible (it is theoretically possible now but no mechanism for its recognition is available at the moment). If Storish law inhibits you from maintaining Elwynnese nationality, I would recommend you to, if possible, wait for a few more days and then effect your renunciation in a manner described by the new law. You can find the bill here. If you are able to do so, sir, would you be so kind and point me to any relevant Storish nationality laws affecting or possibly affecting you and Lady Aoife?
  6. Elijah Ayreon

    Elwynn Census

    Yes, Majesty, all forums now work. My thanks. I will look into Elwynnese law on renunciation so that if your Majesty (or the Kronjarla) feel that renunciation is necessary, a clear process for that is in order.
  7. Elijah Ayreon

    Elwynn Census

    Your Imperial and Royal Majesty, Your Imperial and Royal Highness, By Elwynnese law, all members of the House of Kalirion upon the secession of Elwynn became Elwynnese nationals. At the time of secession, your Majesty took part in the Elwynnese national community as Harald of Froyalan and participated in the provisional government of the Elwynnese Realm. Further, your Majesty and Imperial Highness will note that when Hurmu and Elwynn joined in union, the Senate of the Lakes, in a session at the Hurmu High Commission (a forum I seem to be unable to access at this time), the Senate voted for the union, and the Prince decreed the Convention of the Elwynnese and the Hurmudans, stipulating that all Senators of the Lakes were made nationals of the Realm of Elwynn and Hurmu. See for example this notice from the Interim Administration of the Realm of Elwynn and Hurmu. Your Majesty and your Imperial Highness will be pleased to know that the Union does not ever remove a person's claim to nationality nor his or her nationality whatever the circumstances, unless in an overt renunciation given in accordance with law. As the Union has never received any kind of renunciation from either of your Majesty or your Imperial Highness, the Union has kept your names, my Lord and Lady, in the registers of the Union. I do hope this clarifies matters. I remain your Majesty's and your Imperial Highness's servant
  8. Elijah Ayreon

    Letter to the Jarla

    Kære Amelda jarle! It is pleasing to me to understand that you have taken on the reins of government for this island which my father considered his home. My grandmother, Gunvor Torkelsdatter, was born on this island as a princess, daughter of the King Torkel of Humlebæk. If your ladyship would allow me to take on residency in this island while in Stormark, I would happily assist you in any way you would find needful for the government of the island or the welfare of its people. My father was a child of this island, I ask with humility for your ladyship to recognize and honour that by allowing me residency here. I have not inherited anything from my father on this island; his will (though in doubt) gave Kaspar Soleiman all that my father owned. I have no claims but that of affection to the people here. I al kærlighed til folket på Humlebæk og til jarlskabet Elijah Ayreon
  9. Elijah Ayreon

    Royal Cities

    Humlebaek -- from being the capital of the old kingdom of Humlebaek Straumsfjordur -- being the capital of chieftains that gave the High Realm its high queen. Tara -- from the monarchs of Celtica and Dun Gail Dara -- I nominate those!
  10. Elijah Ayreon

    Right of Pit and Gallows

    Can't you just put them to sleep? No need to make a spectacle of it all. Though, I do find the whole concept of the death penalty rather outdated and bad. But if you really want to reintroduce it, please, don't make a spectacle out of it.
  11. Elijah Ayreon

    Right of Pit and Gallows

    You would clearly need to define those offences. Else the entire nation will be subjected to the death penalty "Insolence", "cat-calling", "sabotage". Basically, anyone who doesn't agree with the the judge
  12. Elijah Ayreon

    Elwynn Census

    EMBASSY OF ELWYNN TO THE COURT OF THE IMPERIAL SEAT OF HONOUR The Embassy knows of Elwynnese nationals (Harald of Ettlingar Freyu and Aoife of Ettlingar Freyu) resident in Stormark and advises them to fill in the Elwynnese census on this link of via PM at this forum.
  13. Elijah Ayreon

    Question about Vanafolk

    And I thought the Idunn apples made people have eternal youth... what happened?
  14. Elijah Ayreon


    It's been snowing here for quite a while. Some forty centimetres now I think. But it's the cold that's the worst. Thankfully it's a lot milder now (the quicksilver doesn't go below -10 C) but in the north they've had really cold. A friend said she had -35 C in her village near Luleå. When the cold suddenly dropped, trains had to stop at the nearest station there in the north and not go any further. It would have been dangerous to stop in the middle of nowhere in that cold, especially if there's no electricity. We had -22 at worst this December.
  15. Elijah Ayreon

    Questions about Taxes

    Like everything else here, a bunch of half-naked women praying to Freyja!