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  1. Four Years of High Queen Sigrid

    Hail Valkyrie!!
  2. National Plants

    The Idun Apple Tree of course!!
  3. National Plants

  4. Althingi Pages

    Lady Astrid!! Pray be advised that I may not be in the Althing..... but I have assistants in my work as lady warden. Young virile men willing to help... at any time
  5. Kjolsgard House

    So basically you've served more than all the others together!! Well done Lady Law Speaker
  6. Kjolsgard House

    Very nice!!! But Jarl Kjosgard was the second law speaker, who was the first? And are you the third, Lady Imperial Kronjarla?
  7. Its such a shame I cant see whats happening there but it sounds really interesting! The Chapter Hall is the most active part of Stormark so I assume much goodies are happening there!
  8. Petition for exception

    I thank you Your majesty!
  9. Before the throne of His majesty the High King comes the petition of Lady Valborg Baldrsdottir of the House of Vanadis for an exception under the Naturalization Act as Lady Valborg considers applying for citizenship in the Republic of Ashkenatza or the Empire of Alexandria. Since His majesty knows the law (he signs them all), he would know that the Naturalization Act states that no Storish patrician may take up citizenship in a foreign country and not lose Storish patricianship unless she (or he) is given an exception from this rule by His majesty. Lady Valborg writes: Your majesty! Thank You for considering this petition! I am intrigued by the world of nations here and I know that Alexandria and Ashkenatza are good places (you said so yourself, Your majesty) and I am considering applying for citizenship there. I don’t want to lose my patricianship here so I will ask you Your majesty for an exception.
  10. Church Attendance

    Your majesty! Would it be possible for me to visit the Cathedral??? May I ask Your majesty who the bishop in the cathedral is?
  11. The child of Æsileif and Arkadius III

    OMG Your getting a grandchild, Your majesty!? Has he/she/it been born yet? We demand news Your majesty!!
  12. Einherja Queen Day

    Let Us always remember her martyrdom!! Without her, Stormark would be in the hands of evil trolls. Away, evil! Hail Hervor! Hail Hervor! See you in Vanaheim!
  13. 80,000 Posts

    Wow! Very nice!!! I think I have helped with 80 posts altogether. That's like... one ina thousand!!! lol Getting there..........
  14. O, Hirem, my Hirem, you are two sweet!!! I will always cherish this lich cookie!! How do I best store it so it won't be spoiled? I don't think Im gonna eat it, that would be a waste... but you know..... not getting it mouldy and that! Lichshire.... I will have to go there. Please, Hirem, tell me of your family!!
  15. *enters cafeteria in Sangun* *orders the local speciality*