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  1. Perhaps instead of just assuming that i'm not going to turn up it might be more productive to actually ask me, oh Ardashir . Thanks for the letter, i'm now here.
  2. I don't remember even agreeing to this or even seeing it before now. New Brittania does not agree to these terms.
  3. I Support this move entirely, GSO is of no benafit to Hurmu.
  4. I thank Hurmu for their kindess, now however i must apologise as other accomidation for the refugees has been found.
  5. As you may or may not be aware the Kingdom of Eorlthéod has recieved land on GSO to the south east of Stormark. However our neighbours to the south have seen fit to threaten our borders and we wish to remove our citizens from danger. That is why i am here. Eorlthéod appeals to Stormark to allow our civilians (350,000 of them) to seek refuge inside your nation in a refugee camp. At the moment our citizens are making their way towards Stormark after the collapse of Oscland and request that these women and children be kept safe inside your country. Please reply swiftly and positively before all is lost and our people are lost into the darkness spanning from our southern neighbour. Theodoric Cyning of The Kingdom of Eorlthéod
  6. As summoned i King Jeremy I report to the senate.
  7. I object to this. I believe weakening the monarch will weaken the nation as a whole, and giving so much influence to people in stormark and the GC could lead to problems should the two parties be brought into conflict.
  8. My gaurdian angel and i are very happy btw, and i can hardly be being beaten by submarines that are officially no where near me now can i
  9. Queen Birla, If you refuse to agree to the peace terms Andelarion has offered you and continue your acts of aggression towards Hurmu we will be forces to respond in defence of our freinds in Hurmu and the Grand Commonwealth. This response will come in the form of an attack on Nidaros by the armed forces of the Royal New Brittanian Empire. You have untill 9pm tonight to respond before action is taken. Yours sincerely, HRH King Jeremy I of the Royal New Brittanian Empire
  10. If Stormark require any number of free lighthouses with lighthouse keepers who look like Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses, please feel free to visit the Northern Lights commision or post the request here, eigher way. (nice forums bt i've never seen them before ) http://kingjeremy.proboards51.com/index.cg...read=1151614008
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