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  1. Your Majesty, The Holy Empire of Jingdao was pleased to learn that the High Realm of Stormark voted in favor of Jingdao's ascension into the Micras Treaty Organisation, we thank you for this gesture. We also wish to express our wish that this era of neutral to friendly relations between our nations will last. With respect, Jezza Rasmus Emperor of Jingdao by the Grace of Sisera, Clearest Reflection of the Heavenly Light, Field Marshall of the Siseran Tegong
  2. Dear Cibolan neighbor, the Jingdaoese Air Force will unveil its new fighter jet on the Airbas Aguas today. You are kindly invited to witness its first flight. You can find the airbase here. Kind regards, Simon ben Erasmus Emperor of Jingdao and South Batavia
  3. Dear High King of Stormark, the Empire of Jingdao and South Batavia wishes to inquire whether Stormark has signed and ratified the Treaty of the Inner Sea. Kind regards, Simon ben Erasmus Emperor of Jingdao and South Batavia
  4. Your Majesty, the people of Southbatavia yearn to know if your grandchild, son or daughter of our former King Arkadius the Third and his loveable wife Æsileif has been born already. We want to shower him with gold and myrrh, and gifts more suited for the small. Will you please let us know? Kindest regards, Mordechai ben Erasmus
  5. Dear friends, this is to inform you of new regulations in the Strait of Barbary, located between Arvidsudde, Barbary and Naval, Basella in the territorial waters of Southbatavia. All vessels passing the strait will now have to ask permission from the Southbatavian Coast Guard and will have to comply with Southbatavian law, for this purpose vessels might be searched. The local commander responsible for securing the strait is Vice-Admiral Elijah Ayreon. Yours sincerely, Mordechai ben Erasmus Grand Duke of Southbatavia
  6. Dear Stormarkians, this is primarily directed to Harald and his family who have claimed the Batavian throne before. In the Batavian National Council I have asked if there are people who wish to become my successor on the Batavian throne. As I have never planned to occupy the throne for years and years as some of my predecessors have I want to know who could succeed me if I ever wish to abdicate so that I would not leave a power vacuum behind me. Yours Sincerely, Mordechai Ben Erasmus King of Batavia
  7. That's fine with us, does this mean that you will keep the subforum that is called 'Groot Koninkrijk Batavië' invisible then? Because that is the matter I am most passionate about.
  8. Could you please be so kind as to provide an update?
  9. Sure, but if it is a lot of work I would suggest you would tell me what you want to add without going into details. In that case I might be able to tell you right away if I think it is likely to succeed or not, there are strong skeptics in our National Council.
  10. Pleased to meet you. I'm looking forward to hear the content of the articles you want to add.
  11. Dear people of Stormark, since I finally have access to these forums I would like to discuss some issues with you. The main issue is the use of our name, you have a subforum called 'Groot Koninkrijk Batavië' and in that subforum some of you are implying you represent the nation of Batavia. This is surely not true so we ask you to stop this. We are also aware that the nation of Stormark is concerned with the heritage of the House of Vinandy, we welcome this and we would like to cooperate on keeping this heritage. There is a resolution on vote in the Nationaal Beraad right now about the use of our name in Stormark. The resolution demands Stormark to stop our name in seven days or we will regard all treaties between Stormark and Batavia has broken by Stormark and invalid, also members of your royal house will not be able to become or stay citizens of Batavia. We hope this will not be necessary. Last but not least, we wish to wish Lady Æsileif best of luck with her pregnancy and hope she will give birth to a healthy child. Yours sincerely, Mordechai Ben Erasmus King of Batavia
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