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  1. Kaspar

    Happy Landfall Day!!

    What are we celebrating?
  2. Kaspar

    Vanic Terms

  3. EMBASSY OF THE UNION OF ELWYNN, AMOKOLIA AND HURMU Haraldsborg Union extended with the admission of the union territory of Tirlar After several months of planning and archaeological excavations, the Union has extended its sovereignty and jurisdiction to the western part of Apollonia where the union territory of Tirlar has been set up. Booming with archeological findings, Tirlar houses some of the oldest documents on the planet in its library.
  4. EMBASSY OF THE UNION OF ELWYNN, AMOKOLIA AND HURMU Haraldsborg Kaiser Ayreon II made honorary Senator The Senate of the Union resolved to name Kaiser Ayreon II of Shireroth the Senate's first honorary senator. As Honorary Senator of the Union for Andelarion, named after Kaiser Ayreon's father's estate in Cape Farewell, he will have all rights of membership in the Senate except the right of vote.
  5. THE EMBASSY OF THE UNION OF ELWYNN, AMOKOLIA AND HURMU Haraldsborg Your Imperial and Royal Majesty, Your Royal and Imperial Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Kaiser of Shireroth has opened a conference on standardization of the common continent of Benacia, inviting the Benacian nations for a discussion on the common history, geography, linguistics and social make-up of the continent. The Union will participate in the discussions, and extends the Kaiser's invitations to the High Realm too. Kaspar Soleiman Ambassador
  6. Kaspar


    Embassy of THE UNION OF ELWYNN, AMOKOLIA AND HURMU to THE HIGH REALM OF STORMARK Haraldsborg Ambassador: Kaspar Soleimân Welcome to the EAH Union embassy! THE HURMU ARCHIVES The Embassy houses the world's largest archives on Hurmu and Hurmu society
  7. Kaspar

    Plocka Svamp

    This was an old thread, haha!
  8. Due to Babkhan law, I have to resign my patricianship/citizenship here. So long and thanks for all the fish!
  9. Kaspar

    Ice Jarldom University

    Some 30 000 full-time equivalents, about 10 000 full-time students and 40 000 part-time students.
  10. Kaspar

    Heidrdans: Freyja's Sacred Dance

    Lady Sigrdrífa, Is there a male dance too? (also, do we really need Comic Sans? )
  11. Kaspar

    [EAH] Petition for an Embassy

    Thank you, it now works.
  12. Kaspar


    Count me in!
  13. Kaspar

    [EAH] Petition for an Embassy

    Your Majesty: I am afraid that it hasn't. I am still banned from reading that topic. If possible, I would like the whole forum open to guests to see as well, so that people from EAH don't have to log in to read old Hurmu files. Thank you.
  14. Kaspar

    [EAH] Petition for an Embassy

    Thank you, but I am not allowed to read that forum, the board message states.
  15. Kaspar

    [EAH] Petition for an Embassy

    Your Majesty, I hope there is some kind of misunderstanding here, but I seem to be lost. I can't find the embassy.