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  1. Spicy Food

    Nope. For one it's too expensive, and for another I can't stand the smell.
  2. Hmm probably the Chapel and Godsgrove.
  3. End to Your Suffering

    Idk about the finals themselves. But for the semester I made 3 A's and 2 B's.
  4. Spicy Food

    *crawfish. And yeah, but I doubt there's a single food out there that at least one person doesn't drink with alcohol. I doubt you'll find anyone who drinks any kind of alcohol with it other than beer though. Not really a wine type of food.
  5. End to Your Suffering

    I heard my English results yesterday. I made an A on my research paper. I'll get my official grades on Saturday though.
  6. Spicy Food

    If you're smart water or milk. Although milk kinda tastes nasty with it in my opinion. Soda makes the spices in the crawfish burn your lips.
  7. Spicy Food

    My University gave it away for free the week before finals, so then.
  8. End to Your Suffering

    The only other finals that I know what I made on was my history final, I made a 96.
  9. Spicy Food

    It varies depending on where you are, what time of the season it is and how well that season has/is going.
  10. End to Your Suffering

    Well! I made a B on it.
  11. Prince Bjarngeir!

    Done! Sorry for the lack of activity lately, but I'm officially done with this semester so I should be able to get back to posting more regularly.
  12. [Bill] Maritime Passage Bill

  13. [Bill] Sovereign Waters Bill

  14. [Bill] Archipelagic Waters Bill

  15. End to Your Suffering

    Yesterday I had a Math final, nothing today, and Psychology & History tomorrow.