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  1. Nymphette

    Quarterly Census #4, January 2007

    Census Form Name: Dame Katrín Knutsdottir Age: 17 Residence: Asaborg, Rogaland
  2. Nymphette

    Viking Funeral

    Maybe they totally soaked the body in flammable liquid?
  3. Nymphette

    Dame Katherine's Exam Festivities

    I have not gone to art school, but am studying music. =3 I got A*A*AABBCCCC as my results, and i was quite pleased. I have gone on to study Music, Music Technology and Drama. And Maths, but we dont talk about that I am taking a diploma in singing in December, which is going to be hard!
  4. Nymphette

    Dame Katrín: Countess of Midtre Tydal

    Wow, thankyou so much!
  5. Nymphette

    New Citizen: Dame Katrín Knutsdottir

  6. Nymphette

    Quarterly Census #3, October 2006

    Name: Dame Katrín Knutsdottir Age: 16 Residence: Undecided as of yet.
  7. Nymphette

    Petition for Seat

  8. Nymphette

    New Citizen: Dame Katrín Knutsdottir

    Thankyou, my friends =)
  9. Nymphette

    Petition for Seat

    I, Katrín Knutsdottir, a Citizen of Stormark, have come to claim my seat in the Althing, and that I do hereby solemly affirm that I am a Citizen in good standing, that I will faithfully observe and uphold the Laws of the Viking Empire of Stormark, to the best of my ability, at all times. I do hereby solemnly affirm that I shall uphold the traditions and guidances which have been placed in my care, and that I will always bear true faith and allegiance to His Imperial Majesty Harald Thorstein I the Generous Giver, The Sovereign Viking Emperor and to His lawful heirs and successsors, and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.
  10. Nymphette

    Viking Funeral

    Then I'm tempted to have a go myself. =3 When i die, of course
  11. Nymphette

    New Citizen: Dame Katrín Knutsdottir

    Thankyou! =D
  12. Nymphette

    Children's TV from the Past

  13. Nymphette

    Dame Katherine's Exam Festivities

    Oh your Majesty, i am so greatly honoured! Thankyou so very much! Beethovens Ninth was a perfect choice!
  14. Nymphette

    One Word Story

  15. Nymphette

    Frustrated wife takes job in brothel

    I guess, lol.