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  1. AugustoBenavides


    The Dixie Chicks really rocks and the voice of Darius Rucker is unique.
  2. AugustoBenavides


    Your Majesty, it is our pleasure to invite you and your subjects to our very first Intermicronational Arts Festival in our Viceroyalty, we are indeed excited as we know there is still much to do, but with confidence that every nation will participate with their own artists in all fields, we hope to see this event a success to establish a new tradition. Here is the invitation to be released today to all friendly nation: Please proceed to our press conference in Miramar. Thanks and best regards,
  3. AugustoBenavides


    If I may, my favorite are The Beatles, but can´t live without listening to Eric Clapton, ZZ Top or KWS. BTW, I will post an invitation for His Majesty and all of my Stormarkian brothers to attend the International Arts Festival in the Viceroyalty of Corcovado & Santander.
  4. AugustoBenavides

    The Last Hours as Viking Empire.........

    Thanks, as soon as I returned to activity, I felt the need to visit Stormark, you are more than allies, you are truly friends.
  5. AugustoBenavides

    The Last Hours as Viking Empire.........

    Greetings everyone, Viking Empire was confusing enough for me, so little changes, since I don't really understand any of the two constitutions!!! My relation with Stormark is like marriage, I don't understand you but I love you. Long Live Harald the Generous Giver!!!
  6. AugustoBenavides

    Roll of Personal Arms

    As honourary citizen, can I store mine here?
  7. AugustoBenavides

    Alexandrian Politicking

    That would be me Milady, and I am looking for a fine Stormarker lady to honour me as First Lady of Alexandria .
  8. AugustoBenavides

    Happy Birthday Björn Ironfist!!

    Happy birthday!!!! And when that happens, we have to celebrate!!!
  9. AugustoBenavides

    His Most Imperial and Most Royal Majesty's Address to the Empire

    Your Majesty, you are truly an extraordinary person and as such you have the extraordinary privileged life you deserve. The very thought of having that special person by your side at all times, joy and suffer, makes anyone jealous; I can only hope that one day I would be as lucky as you are. We have to drink to that!!!
  10. AugustoBenavides

    Announcement from Kejsarinna Asa Land

    Thanks, I will attend for sure.
  11. AugustoBenavides

    Announcement from Kejsarinna Asa Land

    Don't forget the Honorary Citizens...
  12. AugustoBenavides

    Orders in Council #145

    Congratulations my friend!!! Let's celebrate
  13. AugustoBenavides

    Jonas Windsor: Honourary Citizen of Stormark

  14. AugustoBenavides

    Foundation Day Beach Barbeque

    Well, thank you, this is what I was talking about!!! Have you ever been in Corcovado? or Alexandria a all?
  15. AugustoBenavides

    Quarterly Census #14, Himinbjorg 8

    Census Form Name: Augusto de Corcovado & Benavides Age: 32 Residence: Runavik, Thanedom of the Västeralen