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  1. Your Majesty, Unfortunately, just as I accepted this office, I'm finding that real-life matters are going to keep me busy for the next few weeks. I will still be able to attend to my duties as Attorney-General and Representative of the House of Liervik, but to do heraldry properly requires a lot of research, and I simply won't have the time for a while. This should only be for 2-3 weeks. With my apologies, I remain, Your servant, Haakon Udain
  2. It's true that the Virgin with Child is now used fairly frequently in heraldry, especially in the Eastern European countries, but it is not actually a good traditional charge, for a very simple reason: all the authentic rules of heraldry are based on clarity and visibility from a distance, and it's difficult to distinguish depictions of two different people from each other at a distance. That is to say, if two opposing knights on the field of battle both had coats of arms showing humans (say, Christ and the Virgin Mary, or whatever), then they could easily be confused for each other. This is why many of the most common charges are bizarre and distinctive objects (like the escarbuncle, mythical beasts, etc.), which while they weren't common even in the middle ages, were and are very easily noticeable even at a great distance; for the same reason, good heraldry always uses bold, bright colours, because those are easier to distinguish.
  3. While I have no objection to the various depictions of Freyja on the seal, etc., heraldry is a rather insular art with its own rules and conventions. Like a poetic meter, those rules may seem arbitrary, but when applied they create elegant and distinctive results. I would respectfully suggest that we stick with the traditional heraldic charges and supporters. I will be putting together my own proposal for the Ettlingar Freyu arms over the next few days, and will post it as soon as I can.
  4. Fellow Citizens of Stormark, Welcome to the Hall of Tyr, my humble office as the Attorney-General of this High Realm. The role of the Attorney-General is two-fold: Legal counsel to the High King and his government officers, advising them on the legal issues of the day. The champion of the rule of law in Stormark, advancing it where possible, and prosecuting offenders against the High King's peace. All citizens have a duty to know, uphold, and perfect the laws of Stormark. It is my hope that as Attorney-General, I will be able to help you in that task. If you (or any interested visitor to this High Realm) have any questions about the law, or any projects you would like me to undertake, feel free to contact me through this forum. Your servant,
  5. Your Majesty, I would be honoured to serve as King of Arms, if no more senior citizen wants the post.
  6. Your Majesty, I would enthusiastically support the re-establishment of a heraldic authority in Stormark.
  7. Name: Haakon Udain House: Leirvik Reason for Seat Eligibility: Representative of the House of Leirvik
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