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  1. Per topic, basically.
  2. CJ Miller

    [Motion] Election of High Justiciar

    Daniel Llai, 2pts; Galinn Karisson, 1pt
  3. CJ Miller

    Should Sarah Palin be getting worried?

    None of you need to worry, it's our vitriol-fueled two-party mess at work.
  4. CJ Miller

    Orders in Council #169

    Oh, OK.
  5. CJ Miller

    Orders in Council #169

    OOC: How can I be Jarl of a Viceroyalty?
  6. CJ Miller


  7. CJ Miller


    Well. I have Comcast, which affords me speeds of "20 Mbps" (actually 14.32), but their phone service worries me, as it's VoIP, and I am a child of the landline.
  8. CJ Miller


    I will not be able to take this position currently as I'm getting my Internet provider switched tomorrow and I may be without Internet for a protracted period of time. I apologise for the inconvenience.
  9. CJ Miller


  10. CJ Miller


    Who's in charge of Vinland? If nobody is, could I have the chair please?
  11. CJ Miller

    Karl Karlsson!!

    Please do.
  12. CJ Miller

    Arms of the Gulathing

  13. CJ Miller

    Quarterly Census #20

    Census Form Name: Karl Karlsson Age: 20 Residence: Vinland House: Ettlingar Freyu
  14. CJ Miller

    Arms of the Gulathing

    Not a problem.
  15. CJ Miller

    Arms of the Gulathing