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    Further Re-Germanization of Treisenberg

    I don't want to start an argument on this but I would certainly advise nations to avoid annexation by Stormark at all costs. Not only was my nation savaged but when I tried to secede, as was my right given to me by the original treaty signed, the Stormarkian Government did everything in it's power to prevent this.
  2. Franz Josef

    Posthumous Letter by Robert Davis

    Yes he was quite the linguist! I'm sure he spoke most European languages but he said he would never learn Russian because it was the mother tongue of his Mother-in-Law
  3. Franz Josef

    Further Re-Germanization of Treisenberg

    No it doesn't exist anymore. It was savaged by Stormarkian appointed dimwitted leaders.
  4. Franz Josef

    Posthumous Letter by Robert Davis

    My Dearest Royal Cousin might I suggest that you honour the memory of Robert Davis by renaming a town or city in his honour. He may have passed on but let his mark be left on Nidaros.
  5. Franz Josef

    Announcement on Folketing

    What an absolutely delightful idea my Dearest Cousin! A truly magnificent way of opening our Legislature.
  6. I think when people are grief stricken they try to project their saddness and anger on anyone. Mr al-Fayed is probably just looking for someone to blame.
  7. Franz Josef

    Posthumous Letter by Robert Davis

    I only wish I had been around. Before I had my break from Micronationalism I had spoken to him on nearly a daily basis. That man was an absolute genius. He was fluent in more languages than half the interpreters at the UN and I am sure he passed on his great intelligence to his daughter who he was teaching French, Arabic and even a bit of Maori last time we spoke. His passing is a great loss not only for Micronationalism but for the world as a whole. God bless his soul
  8. Franz Josef

    Dear friends

    Excellent! I do hope we can chat later today.
  9. Franz Josef

    Dear friends

    I am afraid I am not willing to live in my home nation of Treisenberg whilst it is under the rule of someone else. I would like to live here in Nidaros with my once dear cousin Queen Dagmar. I am at your service
  10. Franz Josef


    Thank you all for your warm welcome!
  11. Franz Josef


    Dearest friends in Stormark After a break from the micronational world I have returned and I would like to know whether my citizenship of Stormark still stands. If not I would like to re-apply for citizenship. Kindest regards
  12. Happy New Year Everyone!!!
  13. As the new Arandur for Treisenberg I would like to ask Her Imperial Highness the Elentari to call for Parliamentary Elections as soon as possible. We need to have an elected Assembly and I think all citizens of Stormark should be allowed to vote.
  14. Franz Josef

    Proposal: Criminal Code

    I support this proposal
  15. I am very proud to say that I am the new Arandur of the Eternal Realm of Treisenberg. I and my party members assure all citizens that we will fulfill all the promises that we made in our small manifesto and we will work together with Her Imperial Highness the Elentari to go forwards for a better Treisenberg, a United Treisenberg. As I have stated before the United Treisenberg Party will not be pushing for Treisenberger independence and will seek to maintain and protect the current autonomy whilst also working in co-operation with the Government of His Imperial Highness the Viking Emperor of Stormark. I look forward to this term as Steward and I assure you I will do my best for all the citizens of Treisenberg.