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  1. Sad News from Batavia

    Thank you for being so understanding.
  2. Sad News from Batavia

    A message concerning the matter of succession to the Batavian Throne has been sent to the Lagerhuis.
  3. Sad News from Batavia

    Your Excellency, I will immediately travel to Batavia to contact the Lagerhuis concerning this very sad matter.
  4. Wish that I could read Swedish.......

  5. Hello again from Holzborg

    Welcome back!
  6. Marriage

    * Kisses her husband-to-be. * Hello Darling! I have kept you waiting a bit, haven't I?
  7. Marriage

    Here I am!
  8. Prince Thorfinn: A Return Party in His Honour

    Viking Princess Fränzi-Ferdinanda extends her hand to Emeritus Crown Prince Thorfinn. "Pleased to meet you, Your Most Imperial and Most Royal Highness. Uncle Harald has told me a lot about you and the many things you have done for Stormark."
  9. Stormarkian Trivia Game Thread

    What is the name of my maternal grandfather?
  10. Stormarkian Trivia Game Thread

    Empress Hervör the Einherja; Empress Asa the Beloved; and Empress Sigrid the Brave.
  11. Brísingamen Ceremony

    Empress Sigrid and Lady Aoife, Could you tell us what it is like to undergo a Brísingamen Ceremony?
  12. Brísingamen Ceremony

    Me too!
  13. Imperial Name

    I would assume, in accordance with the tradition set by uncle Harald, two Viking names. They would in my case both start with F resulting in the initials FF.
  14. Imperial Decree #139

    A coincidence? Is it?
  15. Imperial Decree #139

    Thank you very much, Uncle Harald!