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  1. Björn Ironfist

    Trial of Geert Wilders

    Here here, mate! Suck it, Geert!
  2. Björn Ironfist

    The Emperor on AIM!

    Ditto that
  3. Björn Ironfist

    Stormark is still here!

    I am sadpanda now. I was expecting some sorta BOOM! Or something! No boom - no dynamite-fueled explosions - no orgies! grumble grumble
  4. Björn Ironfist

    A Future Event Involving Empress Sigrid

    ROFLCOPTER I am not even going to state what my first impression was when I saw this. Let's just say that I was thinking a game - just not the one that was intended.
  5. Björn Ironfist

    Greetings from Alexandria

    This was handed over to someone else, and I've never been given any manner of report, etc. So unfortunately, I cannot answer this.
  6. Björn Ironfist

    Happy Birthday Prince Bjarngeir!

    A very happy birthday to you!
  7. Björn Ironfist

    New Year's Eve

    The thing that he said.
  8. Björn Ironfist

    New Year's Eve

    There was a good reason for us taking a taxi to the shindig.
  9. Björn Ironfist

    New Year's Eve

    After around 11pm, I don't remember anything. I am just happy that when I woke up the next afternoon, it was indeed my wife laying next to me, and not that way hot assistant with the huge - - - I digress. It was a great night (what I can recall), full of well-intended revelry. I pray that I do not have to attend another get-together like that one for a long long time. hehe
  10. Björn Ironfist

    Quarterly Census #16, Vidiland 9

    Name: Björn Ironfist Age: 30 Residence: Port Chloe
  11. Björn Ironfist

    Greetings from Alexandria

    Madam Secretary, We greatly appreciate the update, and join you in looking forward to the implementation of this fantastic idea. All our best to Alexandria and your Emperor.
  12. Björn Ironfist

    New Year's Eve

    They are staying with a friend. Actually, I need to get going so I can finish up a few more papers before we leave!! I will talk to you all in a day or so...you know, after the hangover, etc has subsided.
  13. Björn Ironfist

    New Year's Eve

    Yes, you confused me. Someday, I will understand the subtleties of the English language.
  14. Björn Ironfist

    New Year's Eve

    If we held fireworks every time that happened, the sky would forever be lit up in festive colours, which might confuse most people since they wouldn't be able to tell what kinds of explosions were occurring.
  15. Björn Ironfist

    New Year's Eve

    Nothing usually over the top. It's a day of rest, so there's lots of chilling out. The religious observances are actually rather dull and repetitious. Basically, if I were at home, I would be sitting around with the family relaxing.