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  1. Most certainly! I have heard many quite the enthusiastic stories about the culinary abilities of the Lady Ærinndís' cooks at Scarwood Keep. They seem to be true wizards with food, so I'm delighted to be able to get a taste of their culinary magic.
  2. The Imperial Chieftainess of Borgarrike is handed her Valtian Goldenwood bow and Valtian Leather quiver by a footman. Then she hops into the Lady Ærinndís' jeep. Let's roll!
  3. Having made a living as a smuggler, I very well know how to be quiet and move in eerie, ominous silence. I'll be as silent as the sound of applause coming from a single hand! May I presume that I'm in?
  4. Lady Ærinndís, May I join you on your archery practice in the Rockingham Forest? Please? Pretty please?
  5. The Imperial Chieftainess of Borgarrike and Queen of Ravaria, a beaming great-great-grandmother who is known as the Lady Æsileif Haraldsdóttir of the Houses des Vinandy de Rav arie and Ettlingar Freyu, has dispatched a courier to Blanckenhof Palace in ‘s Koningenwaarde, the capital of the Kingdom of Batavia. Zie is carrying a box made of royal blue Valtian Leather, with the coats of arms of the Houses des Vinandy and Ettlingar Freyu imprinted in gold upon it. The box contains two precious birth gifts for the Storjarla Æsileif's great-great-granddaughterr, Her Royal Highness the Princess Elisabeth Asara of Austrasia. Aside from a golden rattle adorned with precious stones the box also holds a beautiful Valtian ivory set of Hnefatafl pieces with a chequered board of Valtian Goldenwood of which the squares are inlaid with black and white gemstones.
  6. Aakenie Hall 6 Breidablikk 18 In the Godsgrove of the ancient ruined fortress which since time immemorial is known as Harald's Holdfast, amidst runestones with the deeds of her Imperial Great-great-great-grandfather the High King and surrounded by eerie wisps of early forenoon fog, Guðlaugur Svanlaugsson of the House of Myrka, a Húskarl of the Imperial Thingalid, proudly proclaimed, under the watchful eye of the Imperial Chieftainess of Borgarrike, the birth of the baby girl which was born to the Holy Catalogian Emperor, Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy, and Zir Lady Wife, Queen Consort Clara Sundara of Batavia and Amokolia. Elisabeth Asara is the little one's name and she is named after her grandmothers, to wit: Elisabeth van Hollandt and the late Empress of the Natopians, Asara Sisu Dhury of the Houses of Waffel-Paine and Ettlingar Freyu. Born at the Blanckenhof Palace in ‘s Koningenwaarde, Elisabeth Asara is, as per her parents' marriage contract, to be awarded the title of Princess of Austrasia. The granting of the aforementioned title to the Heir to the Batavian Throne is an age-old tradition. Owing to her paternal heritage Princess Elisabeth Asara is, in addition, also entitled to bear a wide variety of titles, to wit: Princess of Amokolia, Princess of Ravaria, Princess of Vinandy, Princess of Elwynn, Princess of Uppland, Archduchess of ‘s Koningenwaarde, Duchess of Brandenburg, Duchess of Gascony, Duchess of Levensburg, Llængjarla of Uppland, Marcherjarla of Uppland, Countess of Bourbon, Countess of Dasburgh, Countess of Girond, Countess of Northshire, Countess of Arietta, Countess of the Lady Esther Isles, Baroness of Ammerswoude and by the Loet, Baroness of Bergkirche, Baroness of Heydelberg, Lady of Audinghen, Lady of Paravel, Scion of Saint Harald, Lady of the Holy Lakes. Likewise is she, through her maternal line, entitled to the titles of: Princess of Natopia, Duchess of Hazelwood, Countess of Maconvale, Lady in Jorvik. The Princess Elisabeth Asara is in written as well as verbal communications addressed as Royal Highness and in all official communications referred to as Her Royal Highness the Princess of Austrasia. Since Her Royal Highness the Princess of Austrasia is a great-great-granddaughter of the Lady Æsileif Haraldsdóttir of the Houses des Vinandy de Ravarie and Ettlingar Freyu, Queen of Ravaria and Imperial Chieftainess of Borgarrike, immediately after her birth had been proclaimed in the Godsgrove of Harald's Holdfast, a 62-gun salute was fired in the Godsgrove of the Vanadísarhall which is known as Frigga's Grove by the Imperial Koppervatski Corps of the Imperial Thingalid. It is the largest Godsgrove of the Vanadísarhall and covers 130 acres. Frigga's Grove is also the place where in the year 1584 Anno Nortone the wedding of the Storjarla Æsileif Haraldsdóttir of Stormark and King Arkadius III des Vinandy of the Batavians took place. Two 62-gun salutes were simultaneously fired by the Fleur de Lys-Longships Guard in the Godsgroves of Tecklenburg Palace and Aakenie Hall. As soon as the last shots had been fired, the bells of temples and churches around the Heartland and the Isle of Ravaria began tolling to celebrate the birth of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Austrasia. At the same time numerous vessels in and around Heartland harbours and Ravarian ports sounded their horns in joyful honour of the baby Princess.
  7. And Jorvik is now ruled by my great-grandson!
  8. That would be a fine cri de guerre should I become the patroness of the Furious Ill-Informed Imperial Daughters Brandishing Big Guns In Their Father's Private Study Society.
  9. High Queen Hervör radiates regality in that red dress of hers, and the Lady Ærinndís looks every inch a princess in that green gown. The Lady Hervör does look a bit anxious, and the Storjarla Ærinndís seems to be a bit worried about Her Imperial and Royal Majesty.
  10. If only you weren't my niece... But since you are, best not!
  11. The meaning if that adage of mine is: From smuggler to Queen. It is an allusion to to my life.
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