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  1. Ryan

    Greetings from Babkha

    High Justiciar, Thank you for your reply. I am pleased that Stormark is willing to discuss these matters with us, and am further pleased that your government is willing to develop stronger diplomatic relations with Babkha. As to the matter of Eura, I must respectfully argue that said territories have been, in the past, a part of Babkha for far longer than they have been a part of Stormark. With full respect for your work and development, a year ago those territories were under Babkhan sovereignty, and were thus for the greater part of the past decade. I must insist that this is a very important matter to the Babkhan nation. The Babkhan government is fully willing to assist and support Stormark in claims outside of Eura. Anything else we could offer to make this deal more acceptable we would be willing to consider so long as it is within our power to grant. With all due respect, in review of your forum, the appointed Jarl for the Land of Stormark's Rose has not given any attention to the jarldom. Likewise, the High Queen Asa Isles are jarlless. I therefore respectfully question your statement of ongoing development and deep-set integration of these lands into Stormark. I do not wish to insult you, good sir, but I do wish to present the evidence as I see it. So again I must ask, is Stormark willing to grant Babkha any concessions in regards to re-gaining our former territory? Respectfully, Amir Shervanis Grand Vizier Emir of Zsharra and Baatharz The Imperial State of Babkha
  2. Ryan

    Greetings from Babkha

    Thank you for the warm welcome. For your review I wish to present a list of matters Babkha considers of priority. 1. We wish to establish diplomatic relations with Stormark and cement these in the form of a treaty. 2. We wish to negotiate terms in regards to Stormark's claims on Eura, which are considered integral to the Babkhan state. Babkha is fully willing to negotiate affable terms with Stormark regarding both these matters, and is willing to provide fair and generous terms. We sincerely hope that your government will be willing to sit and discuss these matters with us at length. Kind regards, Amir Shervanis, Grand Vizier The Imperial State of Babkha
  3. Ryan

    Greetings from Babkha

    Greetings Stormarkians, As Grand Vizier of the Imperial State of Babkha I bring greetings to the High Realm of Stormark. As representative of the Kingdom we are interested in opening diplomatic relations with Stormark and negotiating a peaceable existence between our two micronations. There are matters of concern that we wish to address with Stormark, and are more than willing to negotiate affable terms with the High Realm. We sincerely hope that Stormark is open to diplomacy and will sit with us to discuss those matters which we consider of importance, as well as to foster a better relationship between us both. Kind regards, Amir Shervanis, Grand Vizier The Imperial State of Babkha
  4. Ryan

    [Forum] New Banner

    Should I have made the white part on the right end transparent? I can try to fix that if you wish.
  5. Ryan

    Greetings from Universalis

    Ok, I'll try that and see what I can come up with.
  6. Ryan

    Greetings from Universalis

    In regards to a monogram, this is what I came up with. It's really just a spruced-up version of a monogram I found online. Not sure what type of imagery/colors you're looking for. I was assuming something like the Norwegian monograms listed on the Wiki page. If so, I'll try and incorporate the colors, crown, etc.
  7. Ryan

    Greetings from Universalis

    I will get to work on the monograms. It may take a little while to get them all done. And here is the traditional banner of Stormark remade from the original file:
  8. Ryan

    Greetings from Universalis

    So, for the monogram, it's basically just your initial (H) with some flowery stuff around it? Same thing for Sigrid (S)? Here are some banners I came up with using real photos of fjords: They should all match the size specs of your current banner. I'll work on one using the original. I had to dig it out of my archives first (from 2005!).
  9. Ryan

    Greetings from Universalis

    I'm afraid I don't know what a monogram is. Could you show me an example, and then maybe I can try and make one? As for the forum banner, I can certainly do that!
  10. Ryan

    Gift from Universalis

    I'm always happy to help Hurmu. And the Stormarkers are still using that old image! I should dig out the original given this one has become somewhat blurred.
  11. So I found this really nice picture from Ammassalik, Greenland and thought it'd be perfect for Hurmu. After playing with it, I came up with this little graphic. Use it. Don't use it. I just thought it looked nice.
  12. Ryan

    Greetings from Universalis

    Thank you, Your Majesty!
  13. Ryan

    Greetings from Universalis

    How does this look?
  14. Ryan

    Greetings from Universalis

    That is excellent! I appreciate this very much. If Universalis can be of any assistance to Stormark, you have only to ask. I hope that we can draft a peace treaty to accompany this transaction that we might cement our friendship further. Thank you again. I bow to Stormark's generosity!
  15. Ryan

    Greetings from Universalis

    As can be seen in this map, Universalis used to hold much of the peninsular area on Tapfer. On the present map we hold parts of the peninsula. Basically our country is split in two by Stormark and Natopia. West Universalis is almost entirely outside of our historical territory (except for a tiny swath in the southeast), while Stormark's Kejsarinna Asa Land and Port Chole are both within our historical territory. A switch of these territories would about equal the same land area, and perhaps Stormark could expand some on the continent. I realize these are both old colonies of Stormark, and were founded by two very special people, one of whom (Rob Davis) was a good friend who sadly passed away, and the other his wife. Yet I would be immensely grateful if this request could be met. If not, I would fully understand and still seek to have both our nations become strong allies.