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  1. Emperor Harald, Where shall I post the story when it is finished? In the Daily Life in the Lands of Stormark forum or the Imperial Scribery?
  2. Emperor Harald, I would like to write a story about the relationship you had with Lady Geirbjörg Gefialdrsdottir, Viking Princess Æsileif's mother, when you were an early teen and living on the Mysterious Isles. Is that alright with you?
  3. That is nothing compared to the adult language in some of my stories such as Freyja's Nightly Love Celebration and a A Valkyrie's Love Encounter.
  4. Lord Lannion, I'm awaiting the arrival of the female Lannion Guards at the gate of the Ancient Temple.
  5. That is great news indeed. I'm the High Priestess of the Ancient Temple in the Thanedom of the Sólareyjar and I would be very interested in having a number of female Lannion Guards as temple guards.
  6. Congratulations to Jonas Windsor of his appointment to the office of the Imperial Governor of the Duchy of Gascony!
  7. Very interesting! Are there any women in the Lannion Guard?
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  10. Kejsarinna Asa Land Festival Bonfire It is dark in Kejsarinna Asa Land in the far south of the Micras. The sun has gone down, but a gentle twilight still spills red and gold across the sky. The young woman is dancing with her people around a roaring bonfire. Her simple robe falls open, revealing a swath of tawny skin and the up thrust swelling of her firm, round breasts. The smoke of ash and elm swirls around her, enveloping her lithe form in shadows. Music stirs both feet and heart. A golden flute is lilting merrily, supported by the low thumping of a drum. When the flutist stops to breathe, many voices take up the song, praising the Goddess Freyja who gives life to the land, dancing luck and fertility into the earth so that the cattle will thrive and the grain will grow. There are a lot of men-- some are young and handsome, others scarred by the years, but they all move with the centered grace of warriors. There are women there of all ages, from young maidens to wise women wearing furs and amber. They dance with the warriors or with each other, around and around the fire. They all, whatever their age or form, have an inner glow that makes them beautiful. Sound vibrates through a hundred throats-- a song, a shout, and a name! "Freyja! Freyja!" they cry. The young woman's spirit is opening, melting, knowing only hope and desire. And the fire flares outward, shaping itself into the form of a woman whose body glows and whose hair whirls up like flame. Love flares outward, filling her as it fills the others, the earth and sky and all that is as the Goddess comes. The young woman links arms with her best friend and most favourite lover, twirling giddily around the blazing fire. Now it seems easy to skip to the drumbeat, moving faster and faster as you circle the fire. Passion mounts as they move together, spiraling upward with such intensity that she wonders if she will survive. Together they leap over the roaring heat, and laughing, dance away from the circle into the shelter of the pine trees. The drumbeat throbs through the earth, pounding like the pulse in her veins. The bodies of the young woman and her most favourite lover writhe and pulse in time to that compelling drum rhythm, pulling frantically at each other's clothing as they strain together. Mouths meet in devouring kisses; their hands eager upon each other's bodies, nipples tingling with excitement. Still embracing, they fall to the ground entwined. And now the young woman's thighs open; she is melting within with golden fire. They both try to halt at that moment of anticipation; then they can wait no longer. Her arms tighten, pulling her beloved down against her, and they are one. Suddenly she can contain it no longer. As she offers it to the Goddess, the ecstasy is released in a great shout, and with it consciousness whirls away as well.
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