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  1. Name: Kjetill Nafnisson Age: 27 Residence: Elnaby
  2. As a judge in the Stormark's highest court I have had to read and apply the Instrument of Rights & Liberties quite often, and it is indeed a very comprehensive and coherent law. Nonetheless, until now I was most impressed by the Kognungsbók, the law which provides for the (criminal) court proceedings. I have had to apply it in the Anturi-case and it worked pretty well. The law offered an aswer to most of the questions who rose in my mind. Surely, some things in the act could be altered to allow a more speedy trial, but I dare you to find another micronation where they even have laws on court procedure.
  3. name: Kjetill Nafnisson age: 26 location: Elnaby
  4. Name: Kjetill Nafnisson Age: 30 Residence: Elnaby
  5. Name: Kjetill Nafnisson Age: 26 Residence: Elnaby
  6. Name: Kjetill Nafnisson Age: 26 Residence: Elnaby
  7. I personally fail to see the need to regulate an arrest warrant to be issued in anticipation of a deportation. In the bill there is made reference to "immmigration rules and regulations" but I am unaware of any. I would rather support a bill which deals with deportation as such. As long as no order or decision is made to deport someone, that person should be considered to be lawfully in Stormark and the general rules regarding administrative policing should apply to him. Therefore, as long as one is not deported, he may be held detained under the 'Protection of the Commonwealth Act 2006'. There is no need to create an extra reason for detention, rather immigration rules, regulations and procedures should be set.
  8. Name: Kjetill Nafnisson Age: 25 Residence: Elnaby
  9. I owe it to my office not to enter into a discussion which might compromize my neutrality. I have expressed my concerns to the Lady Chief Justice, which will - I am sure - convey them to our Sovereign Emperor, if she deems such necessary. However, as Lord Justice I can only be disturbed by a statement such as "he doesn't need a trial". When there is grounds for a trial, a trial must be allowed to take place.
  10. To whom it may concern, It has come under my attention that Edric of Nidaros has been placed under detention on 15 june and has remained so until this date. To my knowledge, no court order to that effect has been issued. I do not dispute his Majesty's power to order (protective) detention for a period of 2 months, as prescribed by the Protection of the Commonwealth Act 2006. Nonetheless, I would like to enquire whether the legal procedures provided for in that statute have been respected and followed? Under article 2 and 4 (3) of the POC Act 2006 his Majesty must, within 14 days, inform the person subject to protective detention of: - the fact that he has a right to appeal the order before the Haestidómur; - the legal grounds on which the order is based; - the allegations of fact which justify the order of detention. All laughter and mockery aside, Stormark adheres to the rule of law. A court procedure, if there is grounds for any, must be allowed to take place.
  11. Name: Kjetill Nafnisson Age: 25 Residence: Elnaby
  12. Name: Kjetill Nafnisson Age: 25 Residence: Elnaby
  13. Name: Kjetill Nafnisson (see signature for functions and titles) Age: 24 Residence: Elnaby, island of Lósálfareyar
  14. have you ever been to brussels on a 21st july, polten? uhmm, that's right, today/this evening would actually be a possibilty The festivities on 21 july undoubtedly reach higher than those on 11 july, although that might be hard to admit for some. I didn't get a day-off on 11 july btw... ps. and yes, I am flemish/belgian
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