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    Weapon Sale

    A weapon sale have been approved by the Victorian Government, 1,000 Bushwhacker rifles have been sold to Stormark, as sign of friendship, the MoD has offered to pay for transport cost, and will be using it's own men and ships. A small section of VSS troops will escort a Littoral combat ship with the shipment on broad. Said ship will travel from Port Clyde to Straumsfjordur in the Viceroyalty of Vinland.
  2. Gareth Shanks

    Just a little Questions guys.

    Well, I was browsing a site about Micro-nations, And this was a link on said site. But as ive been browsing the site i've found out it wasnt what i throught it was, so i'm sorry about that. I thought that it was just a site for coat of arms, but clearly not.
  3. Gareth Shanks

    Just a little Questions guys.

    I guessed so, but i just wanted to be sure, i would like to request a coat of arms please. I'm no expert on coats of arms but i would like the shield to have a dark green strip on the left hand side a white srtip down the middle and a dark blue strip on the right hand side, i would like a black kings crown (So no deoration or colour at all) above the shield with a spear and a halbeard (sp?) as the supports And a black cross (Just like the crown, no colour at all please) above the crown. I hope i've done this right. Thanks you.
  4. Gareth Shanks

    Just a little Questions guys.

    Evening, Just wanted to know what this area of the forums is for chaps. Is it just for requesting and making Coats of arms? Thanks