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  1. royalspencer

    Quarterly Census #1, April 2006

    Census Form Name: Rognvald Skrautísson Age: 22 Residence: Suduróy Castle, Suduróy, Borgarthing
  2. is there a god associated with drinking?
  3. royalspencer

    Lord Midsund to Sleipnir

    congratulations, Lord Midsund
  4. royalspencer

    Happy Birthday Lady Aoife!

    happy b-day Lady Aoife
  5. royalspencer

    Lady Anne-Marie: Regent of Nidaros

  6. royalspencer

    To the armed forces of Stormark

    aww did i miss a fight
  7. royalspencer

    [Bill] Storlaw Bill

  8. royalspencer

    [Bill] Storlaw Bill

    I second that move for a vote
  9. royalspencer

    Lord Suduróy: Army Officer's Commission

    *salutes* Thank you Cheers
  10. royalspencer

    Anglo-Saxons Website

    Your Imperial Majesty, this is a really good site thank you for sharing this site with us.
  11. royalspencer

    Viking Society Website

    Thank you for this site Your Imperial Majesty. Here is one with alot of info on vikings http://www.vikingage.com/
  12. royalspencer

    Vikings and Vengeance

    Thank you for showing us this website Your Imperial Majesty. Its always good to know more about vikings.
  13. royalspencer

    [Bill] Storlaw Bill

    Yes I agree
  14. royalspencer

    Lord Suduróy: Army Officer's Commission

    thank you Sir Thorvaldsson.