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  1. Leikari Vembriusonur

    New Ambassador

    Hello Stormark! As per these credentials, I am Elwynn's new ambassador to Stormark, However, my new account cannot access this embassy, even though my old account and all unregistered users can. As this embassy is part of Elwynn's sovereign territory, please could you make it readable to all and accessible to all registered users, especially as it also includes Hurmu's archives? Cheers!
  2. Leikari Vembriusonur

    [Senate] Future possibilities

    Can this now be officially declared to be passed now, or does that need its own motion?
  3. Leikari Vembriusonur

    [Senate] Future possibilities

  4. Leikari Vembriusonur

    [Senate] Future possibilities

    In the absence of any further interest being shown in this matter, I move that the Senate adopts the complete and ready proposal to unite with Elwynn without any further delay.
  5. Leikari Vembriusonur

    [Senate] Future possibilities

    Hurmu could join the Bastion, but would it become as lost as a mere minnow amongst the hubbub of the small fry. A full partnership with an independent nation, where the boundaries of sovereignty and self-determination are as clear as the northern lights at midwinter, would enable the realisations of the dreams of the lakes for aeons yet to come.
  6. Leikari Vembriusonur

    Extraordinary session of the Senate

    Senator Leikari Vembriusonur signing in.
  7. Leikari Vembriusonur

    Treaty of Peace and Friendship

  8. Leikari Vembriusonur

    Commonwealth Court

  9. Leikari Vembriusonur

    Commonwealth Court

    As the various courts are supposed to concern themselves with completely different jurisdictions, there needs to be no connection between a Small Commonwealth court and the existing Hurmish courts.
  10. Leikari Vembriusonur

    Stormark's News

    There rarely seems to be any news or commentary in the micronational press about anything that happens here in Stormark or its dependencies. If anyone feels like trying their hand at publicising the Viking Empire, there are two options available: a ) setup Stormark's own blog b ) sign up as correspondents for relevant regional blogs, such my own (Apollo Fireball V) or Harvey Steffke's Apollo Aurora Whichever option is chosen, any story will appear on MNN, which is currently experimentally syndicated on the Shireroth forum, but will hopefully appear eventually on other micronational message boards. If anyone has any comments or suggestions or wishes to volunteer as a correspondent, please post below.
  11. Leikari Vembriusonur

    Nationality and citizenship

    That would be disadvantageous to the Hurmudans who currently benefit from having a lack of such citizenship, and would end what is presumably a long-standing tradition for no obviously good reason.
  12. Leikari Vembriusonur

    Radical thinking

    Clearly not.
  13. Leikari Vembriusonur

    From the Law Speaker of the Althing

    My vote: AYE