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  1. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    Resignation of Citizenship

    I regretfully must terminate my citizenship here in Stormark due to real life issues. It would be unfair to Stormark for me to remain a citizen and remain so inactive. I thank the Emperor for his support over the years and will of course return should my real life allow it. Best of luck and long live Stormark!
  2. Heidi_Holgersdottir


    Papal Decree #29 (Resignation of the Papacy) We, Heidi I, do hereby resign the Papacy. In Nomini Patre, et Fili, et Spiritu Sancti, Amen. His Holiness, Camillus I Pope and Servant of the Servants of God.
  3. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    Congratulations to Sir Polten!!

  4. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    [Bill] Althingi Reform Bill

  5. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    Quarterly Census #13, Bilskirnir 8

    Census Form Name: Heidi Holgersdottir, Popess of the Church of Stormark, Lady of Holsteinborg Castle Age: 22 Residence: Holsteinborg Castle, near the City of Epithranoi in the Eternal Realm of Treisenberg
  6. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    A gift from Hurmu

    Senator Andelarion, Thank you very much for this most gracious gift.
  7. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    [Motion] Election of Imperial Chancellor

    Heidi Holgersdottir 3 points Camillus I 2 points Polten of Yperpen 1 point
  8. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    Greetings from Kingdom of Ingaria

    Welcome to Stormark!
  9. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    Candidates for Imperial Chancellor's Election

    I, Heidi Holgersdottir, a Member of the Althing, do hereby declare my intention to stand for election as Imperial Chancellor of Stormark. Signed, Heidi Holgersdottir, The Lady of Holsteinborg Castle
  10. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    Provinces of Yr Ymerodreath Ynysoedd yr Haul

    Why are there no cities in the province of Gwland y Fflamau?
  11. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    [Bill] Althing Statute (Amendment No. 7) Bill

    Isn't this already the case then?
  12. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    [Bill] Ríksrád Amendment Bill

  13. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    [Bill] Viking Law (Amendment No. 12) Bill

  14. Heidi_Holgersdottir

    [Bill] Ríksrád Amendment Bill

    I also second the move for a vote.