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  1. Resignation of Citizenship

    I regretfully must terminate my citizenship here in Stormark due to real life issues. It would be unfair to Stormark for me to remain a citizen and remain so inactive. I thank the Emperor for his support over the years and will of course return should my real life allow it. Best of luck and long live Stormark!
  2. Resignation

    Papal Decree #29 (Resignation of the Papacy) We, Heidi I, do hereby resign the Papacy. In Nomini Patre, et Fili, et Spiritu Sancti, Amen. His Holiness, Camillus I Pope and Servant of the Servants of God.
  3. Congratulations to Sir Polten!!

  4. [Bill] Althingi Reform Bill

  5. Quarterly Census #13, Bilskirnir 8

    Census Form Name: Heidi Holgersdottir, Popess of the Church of Stormark, Lady of Holsteinborg Castle Age: 22 Residence: Holsteinborg Castle, near the City of Epithranoi in the Eternal Realm of Treisenberg
  6. A gift from Hurmu

    Senator Andelarion, Thank you very much for this most gracious gift.
  7. [Motion] Election of Imperial Chancellor

    Heidi Holgersdottir 3 points Camillus I 2 points Polten of Yperpen 1 point
  8. Greetings from Kingdom of Ingaria

    Welcome to Stormark!
  9. Candidates for Imperial Chancellor's Election

    I, Heidi Holgersdottir, a Member of the Althing, do hereby declare my intention to stand for election as Imperial Chancellor of Stormark. Signed, Heidi Holgersdottir, The Lady of Holsteinborg Castle
  10. Provinces of Yr Ymerodreath Ynysoedd yr Haul

    Why are there no cities in the province of Gwland y Fflamau?
  11. [Bill] Althing Statute (Amendment No. 7) Bill

    Isn't this already the case then?
  12. [Bill] Ríksrád Amendment Bill

  13. [Bill] Viking Law (Amendment No. 12) Bill

  14. [Bill] Ríksrád Amendment Bill

    I also second the move for a vote.