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  1. Please, send me a flag of Stormark to include in our diplomatic page: http://www.perejil-island.com/diplo.htm
  2. Majesti, Yes, I sign the Treaty in the name of Perejil. Signed, Andres I
  3. Your Majesty and citizens I´m very happy in your grat nation. The draft Treaty between our Nations is perfect.
  4. Majesti Please draft it. Sorry for my low level of english.
  5. Your Majesti. Greetings: It is a pleasure to be received in your great Nation. The Principality of Perejil is interested in establishing a mutual recognition. Our micronation was founded on January 2005 and at this moment has 16 citizens. Respectfully, Andres I Prince of Perejil www.Perejil-Island.com
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