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    I was hoping to get to spend a little bit more time in Stomark,but duty calls,and I must go away for a while.I am moving to Arizona,were I will be working as a school counselor.It's always been a passion of mine to help kids,and my area that I currently live in is in no need of school counselors.I hope you do accept my appology,I thought I might be able to find some local job oppurtunities so I wouldn't have to go.My work will be very demanding,and I doubt if I'll have any time to devote to micronations.I may be able to pop in now iand then though,if thats alright.Again,I appologize,and I loved my time with Stormark however short.
  2. Wouldn't some people be put out of the Council of State though?
  3. I keep forgetting things,I actually forgot to ask,what is the currency of the empire and can you give me an outline of the different branches of the Stormarkian government?
  4. Thanks a lot! One more question,not really history though: What are the names of the provinces of Stormark?
  5. I love this thing! My friend in Alexandria is simply amazed at this.
  6. What year was Stormark founded? What was Stormark's first real recwar? What international organizations does Stormark belong to? What was Stormark like in the beginning?
  7. Stormark doesn't have one?Where am I to find information of it's history?
  8. Of course!Where might I find information on the history of Stormark.A wiki perhaps?
  9. Sure! What elements should it have?Economy,Government,History of Stormark?
  10. Halladora


    I've noticed that the Norse holiday of Yule is quickly approaching.Does Stormark celebrate Yule?
  11. Does anyone have anything around here that I can help with?I am really eager to do something.
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