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  1. I reside usually in Skapstaðr, in the capital of Köpingsvik, except for holidays. During the winter I spend time skiing in Snjárfjall. During the summer, the short boat trip between Köpingsvik and Atgeirr is beautiful and as a result I spent much of my time getting inspiration from the local rustic wholesomeness of that district.
  2. What a cool idea. I played my first ever game of D'n'D yesterday. I found it really fun, and basically a better version of all those RPG video games but with creativity, role playing and a greater social aspect. I would like to fight some gelatinous cubes and maybe a Beholder or two.
  3. A map of the High Realm: A map with the Jarldoms shaded to indicate which lands belong to which region: A map with each Houses' lands coloured separately: Enjoy!!
  4. I'm surprised this thread hasn't recieved more attention! The World Cup was really enjoyable, I had a great time watching the England matches and then after we were knocked out, the Germany matches, supporting the other teams of course. Well done to the Dutch!!
  5. No, I was unaware of this fact. I will amend the OP. It's good that there is a term for this and I thank you for informing me of it. Of course I would be very happy to create such a map, for Sólareyjar, or any other Jarldom within or without the House of Vanadís.
  6. Borgarthing has been a historic region of the Heartlands for a long time. However, within it there are several Traditional Districts - informal cultural sub-regions - each with their own unique sense of regional identity. TALLAND is the northern-most region of the Jarldom, and the second smallest. Its name comes from the Old Norse meaning the "Land of Reckoning" and this derives from local folk tales regarding the apocalypse. SNJÁRFJALL is the largest region, but also the most sparsely populated, due to the fact that it is a very mountainous region. Its name means "Snow Mountain" which is the central peak in the south-western section of the region. SÆTTLAND is the second largest region and like Talland its name comes from a local folk tale regarding two local kings who came to an agreement after a hundred years of family blood feud. Their families were so valorous that neither would stop fighting, but they were so important that no other families or kings in the area had enough influence to mediate between them. It took the intervention of the gods to bring about the 'reconciliation' that gives this region its name. ATGEIRR is the smallest region and is not very vibrant or popular. It has special cultural significance however because it is the region in which the mythical hero Rauðbjörn lived according to his saga. Its name is the norse term for a thrusting spear and comes from the shape of the place. SKAPSTAÐR is the southern-most region and the third largest by area. It houses the capital city of Köpingsvik and its terrain is arable and fertile. The capital city developed, grew in size and flourished as wealthy because of its position as a trading port. The name of this region is a contraction from a Norse term for an agreeable place.
  7. This is great news for myself and for the House of Vanadís! Thank you.
  8. Thank you all, I hope I will be a good representative of Stormark, true to its culture and its reputation.
  9. I chose Borgarthing because of the particulars of its geographic shape. In the far south of that Jarldom, there is a peculiar land formation whereby the land sticks out like the shaft of a spear. In the first chapter of the saga I cited this as the place where Rauðbjörn lived and fought, and said that it was called "Atgeirr", which was a Norse word for a pole-arm weapon. My intention was to characterise Rauðbjörn through his environment- even his home is a spear, war is his nature and you can expect a lot of fighting in this saga. Speaking of which, I will finish the next volume soon and it does involve some fighting!!
  10. Having surveyed the list I would most like to be made Jarl of Borgarthing, because this is the region I chose to place Rauðbjörn's home in his saga.
  11. I will join the House of Vanadís, then. It would be awesome to be granted my own jarldom!! Thank you very much. Which Jarldoms are availible at the moment?
  12. There is a great place near Camden Town station, just north of the more central areas of London, called Quinn's. It's run by this fellow called Mr Quinn who must be at least 60. But he still serves at the bar with distinction, and he's got the shakes so if he serves you he usually spills a bit of your pint, but it's worth it. The other bar staff are students except one other guy who is Nepalese who I talk to fairly regularly, he works less than minimum wage but takes it all quite cheerily and always chats to me and my friends even if he is on his break. The prices aren't good, but they aren't bad either, and it's location is pretty good if you are on a night out in Camden as a warm-up or warm-down pub. It closes at 2am on the weekends and thursday, and considering most off-licences and pubs have to close at 11.30, it stands out. Ultimately though I love it because of all the good times I've had there before and I hope I have many more there in the future.
  13. Stormark is zealous. So zealous this thread has been finished almost 2 years late.
  14. Dane-geld is always a good way to make a little moolah on the side. You just have to be careful you don't ask it of the wrong people, or you might find yourself paying it to them sooner or later.
  15. You raise a good point- having the option of drowing one's sorrows is always useful in situations like these. While I have some money left around, it's not exactly worthy of the level of celebration or disappointment that will occur should the results go one way or the other. Fortunately, it's my birthday on the 3rd, so I should be getting an amount then with which to sustain my summer partying and also deal with my results.
  16. That seems a very good draft, Your Majesty. I think that Chris writes his last name as "Octavius" in Antica these days, although if you have a source for that spelling, I'm sure that will do. In Antica, names are much less official than most other places. I go by a variety of names over there, and not simply my Babkhan and Stormarker names, but various Antican names I have been given over time.
  17. Thank you for your kind words, Lady Unna, but I am a silly Sfeir. I've included the Etinhof Isle in this write-up, even though it is not part of this Jarldom. Let's just ignore those bits shall we...
  18. Greetings members of the House Vanadís. I recently returned to Stormark and upon signing in to the Quarterly census and found that, along with many other changes to the nation, Houses now exist and that I should get membership in one of them. I read over the Principles of many of the Houses and I can find no fault with those of this House. However, on reviewing the membership of the various Houses, I find that this is actually one of the most populous. What is your opinion on this matter? Should I join the House of Vanadís? Or would another House, which has a lack of members, be a better place to go?
  19. This sounds like a very interesting game, remarkably like the end-game of chess. Towards the end, if one team has gained a significant advantage over the other, it becomes a game of cat-and-mouse as the lesser attempts to protect his King while the superior tries to push the King into a corner in order to make it easy to checkmate. Is tafl is a predecessor of the modern game of chess?
  20. You presume correctly Lady Unna. I had saved up a fair sum before my exams with the expressed purpose of keeping it set aside for the celebrations, and it fulfilled its purpose very well. Suffice to say many publicans across London are now that much happier and that much wealthier. And I, of course, that much happier.
  21. I haven't made any significant contributions to this Committee yet, and since I am going to study law at university next year, which better place to start than the Law Lord Jarldom? I will mention now that I will be using for all of these Jarldoms as a first port of call three resources: the MCS official physical map, Bill's highly detailed greyscale physical map and the MCS official resources map. These maps provide a general outline of physical features, and I don't think Stormark should be governed directly by what these maps say. They give an idea- but not one that we have to stick to religiously. Nonetheless, a useful base. Judging from Bill's greyscale it seems that, of course, there is not much to the islands surrounding the main isle, including the one on which is situated the capital of Irenic City, Grand Arcadia. These are simply small islands, most perhaps twice the size of the RL Channel Islands. To give an idea of the size of Grand Arcadia, it's a little larger than the Isle of Wight. The three lesser islands would be constituted mainly of small villages and hamlets with perhaps a sizable town or two representing what would have developed as the major trading port of that island, assuming they had anything to trade that is: I would imagine basic rural activities such as animal herding and crop farming would be the main sources of income for the people living on those islands. During the earlier periods of Stormark's history these would have been subject to frequent raids from roaming bands of pillagers from across the sea, what we now would term the Heartland, or one might have even been the site of a community of such raiders. Grand Arcadia we can imagine to be a quite different affair. It is much larger than the other small islands and also houses the administrative capital of the Jarldom. The city of Irenic could be a well-developed city, and based on the history of the Jarldom as a legal bastion, I am tempted to think of the city centre as being populated by great buildings such as a main castle which holds the Jarl's court, several libraries including a law library, a Temple or two, and a court of justice for the region. The architecture I see as being a mixture between the old Norse architecture which of course permeates throughout Stormark and an art nouveau gothic style which belies the association of Irenic City with arbitrators and justices. Imagine a blend between the two buildings below. If I have time I may sketch some concept art in the near future. Further out in the city of Irenic, the architecture would fade back into general Norse architecture although the towns that share the isle of Grand Arcadia may also house significant buildings like religious structures which bear this style, unique to this Jarldom thanks to its history. We come then to the central island around which all smaller Haldarsvik islands orbit as in a solar system. The metaphor continues in that, just as the sun gives life to the surrounding planets, the wealth of this island would maintain the coffers of the whole Jarldom. It is a fairly flat island, with a slight elevation towards the centre of the island, but no more so than usual. What is rather interesting about the geography of this as yet unnamed island is that its eastern side is much more sharply elevated than its western side. In other words, on the eastern side we can expect cliffs and on the west a nice beach. This would explain the placement of the city of Etinhof, lying on the western coast, which would probably be a holiday destination for Stormarkers looking for a break off the heartland. It may be that towards the centre of the island, the hilly areas contain local mining communities while further out on the plains lie rural communities on a grander scale to their kin on the surrounding islands that constitute this Jarldom. The history of these islanders has been complicated- having been transferred from one administrative region to another, even from one sovereign nation to a sovereign organisation- but I believe that this does not matter all that much to them. They are a deeply cultural people, with a folklore passed down from generation to generation, with their ways being taught father-to-son and mother-to-daughter for centuries. The people of the central hilly area of the large island in particular can be seen in this way: not influenced until the modern day, their picture-esque townships would be the site of authentic windmills and watermills and the places of worship would be especially impressive, as small and humble but reverent in their design and fashioning, so unlike and yet like the grand architecture described above found in the capital of Irenic City. Any of that sound good? More detailed things to come, and those islands all need names, Stormarkers!!
  22. To the Speaker. He has a 'Welcome Wing' forum within his Office devoted to the process of entertaining foreign envoys and negotiating treaties and other diplomatic agreements. Here is the link: http://www.nafticon.org/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=78
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