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  1. Womans ways indeed are mysteriouce way`s. I got a Mail from Sirpa Hjolgrinsdattir (don`t know her real name but no problem.) SHE told me that she lived near by Aefrit`s and knowes her folks. Aefrit ist to stay another ten day`s in the States ,they wan`t to be shure they get it right THIS time. She is doing (remarcably, as Sirpa called it) well. Seems to be pretty hefty but I dared not ask to much. So I gues she will be back on somewhere between 2 and 3 Weeks. I`ll stay in contackt with her (Sirpa) if there is new`s I `ll drop the line to you. Also I`ll try to get her (Sirpa) to e.t contackt folks here herself but I daren`t give the guaranty that it works.
  2. Aefrit thread Kryvä thinks she`d be back wednesday ,can`t reach her brother the guy works on a Svalbard line ship. You should ask her or the new guy Sa musta Kapteen ,think he is her boyfriend You could drop in a PN or just ask in the thread ,no problem.
  3. Merry Lindisfarne day. Skola Even if the Saesnegg most curtainly will have an other view upon this day.
  4. Greetings. Most of you don`t know me for I have entered only recently and I am not a Posting machine. I have some rather sad news. I heard from privat sources taht the lady Æfrit fell ill. Those who know her know about her eye problems. If I understood her brother right she has been brought to the States for threatment. Let`s just hope the best for her ,don`t want to miss my future wife no do I ? to cheer ye up when ye read in again weeone.
  5. "Four.." I whispered. "And I am a Widower since four years. And the Great Grandson of a King.. Even if youre acting was unwise I do thank you for interceding on my behalf." I turned to the Grandduke. "You hopefully do understand ,Sire ,that you leave me with no other choise than to inform the Emperor and that oure Goverment does not take kindly to those insulting here Citisan and ore Representatives. Further that e.t consequenses are solly going on youre Acount." Turned and followed Aetfrit
  6. Together we entered the Ballroom. "Minister? I asked her in a soft tone. "Minister for Economics? ,you seem to know more than I do!?" Looked at her ,redraped here cloack and gave her a fane showing her how to wave it elegantly and also how to straide rather than to walk. Instructed her to whome she should bend and to whome just nod. Also clearly warned her against shaking hands that`s a Male thing to do. Showed her how to air-kiss holding her slender Shoulders I felt and saw something about her I never had known about her. Took the tips of her Fingers in mine, lifted our hands a bit , and strode slowly towards some of the front seats.
  7. To Ban Advertaisements ID`s time and over again is not funny there is a way to block them from Registrating. There is a PHPBB gimmick that asks one who registeres a simple question :Are you Human? Are you a bot?. Its a simple question but a Advertaisement ID mostlz is a Bot and simply unable to chose. As a result the enable Code to register is regarded false and the registration attempt aborted. Easy as pie.
  8. "Guilty as acused !." Bended low to the lady Aoife. " I am Timo Silasvö "ex-school bully " all the bad things you might have been told about my doings at school are true. That`s why I never became a teacher."
  9. All the teasing I became I had earned more than fair ,even if in the past ,and frankly I minded not her having a prank or two on my acount. Many things ,seriouce and important than, gave us now common cause for a good laugh. I explained to her the reasons for having traveled up here and asked if she could provaide some kind of transportation.
  10. "Good evening. a Lady waitng all alone ,on a quay? you must be waitng for something special?." *Smile* "I even dare gues to know ,what it is you are waiting for." *Took of the head and bended.* "Me!...Timo Silasvö from the S.W.K, the ship you are expecting has been re -routed to an other arm of the port."
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