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  1. After his Transformation, raging berserk rage strikes (his hammer) the ****** wall.[/i] LOVE IS ENERVATION, DESTRUCTION IS POWER. I AM THE NEW MINISTER OF DESTRUCTION OF STORMARK! I AM REQUIRING THE NEW DESTRUCTION TAX.
  2. I feel se power of vandalism in me. That's bad. I have ever been a pacifist. And now I trample ladybirds. I am afraid of myself. How long until I destroy the whole micronationalism community?
  3. I don't feel warm with my new appearance. I'd like to be a duck again.
  4. You have so nice feet. You would be a hot women in my hometown.
  5. Then I have a sword to spear it. HARHARHAR <= *gruesome laugh*
  6. The next step is building a ship to strike fear and terror into mankind's heart. This is the matrix and my bride of fright soon. Of course, it's not cheap. But if I'm a great Viking I will find enough treasures to sink my debt.
  7. Oh yes and it's mine, mine, mine. Nobody will enter it. Well, I think I need some farmers. I'm getting hungry.
  8. I would be "Remy Duck Dagobertson". Wing of Wotan is better.
  9. Now, I'm getting a Viking, I need a castle. Hm, ok, this seems adaptable. I call it "Duckstone castle". *occupys the estate* *sets up some viking dolls to strike terror into nosy settlers*
  10. This eye is awful. I can't sleep all nights.
  11. Is there a traditional way to find a Name? Maybe with help of a special ceremony? Let me see ... what about "Canard of Cornet" or "Wing of Wotan"?
  12. And you're the world champion?
  13. *thinks about weddings*
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