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  1. Cashmaiel knew what this meant... He was overwhelmed, started sobbing and said: "My dear Ionel, I am... I... I am without words... Thank you.... thank you..." He looked at Senator Constantinescu, hugged him once more, and rose once more and spoke to the Senate assembled: "Honourable Senators of the Sacred Lakes of Hurmu, May the blessings of the very same Lakes be with you. My time is come. You are guardians of these lakes. You are the guardians of freedom for the people of Hurmu. Remember this in your work. Take wisdom from the words of the Brida that the Lakes brought forth. Remember the mantra of old, We are Hurmu. Let the waves of lakes lull to to rest when worries arrise. Let the sun reflect its light on the surface and light the world up ever more. And drink, drink of the waters. Drink of what is Hurmu." With that, Cashmaiel stumbled out of the building and let the Senate continue in peace.
  2. Dear Mr Chancellor, I hereby surrender the keys to the Hall of Mimir and render my official resignation as a member of your government. It has truly been an honour serving you and the Empire. Yours sincerely, C. Andelarion, Duke of the Losalfareyar
  3. "It is time for me to go... Leave Hurmu in the hands of someone else. I am not well, not feeling well, I must leave for my family. I will send someone to you with a letter from me." And with that, Cashmaiel Andelarion went to each senator, gave them hugs and told them how much they have meant to them. "I doubt I will be back."
  4. 'Twas brillig a beautiful spring day. In Huyenkula the sun shined as brightly as ever, the grass was green and the cherry trees were in full bloom. Wilderness had entered town, the patches of forests in the big parks were covered with wild flowers in all the rainbow's colours. The Senate was convening. Senators Aoife, Constantinescu, Harald and Polten had already come to the round table in the Throne Room of the Palace of the Elenaran where the Senate usually met. It was a convenient room for meetings and sessions. It was high in ceiling, maybe some ten metres up to the ceiling, and on each side there were galleries where the public could sit. To the western side there were a windows from floor to ceiling. Having been polished daily, it felt as if one was looking directly to the outside where now the afternoon sun stood high above the lake Cashma. In the distance, this cloudless day, one could see silhouettes of ships and even Cashma Island. Senator Andelarion was at his friend's house in eastern Huyenkula, sick, not really wanting to go to the session, but he had to, he had to say something. He knew what he wanted to say, but he didn't know how to say it. He had slept badly the past few days, thrown up everything he ate, because... because he was grieving, prematurely of course, but grieving over his own fate. He didn't know the time. He dozed off. A few minutes he was asleep and when he woke up he realized that the meeting at the Senate already had begun. He quickly got himself a shower, put his clothes on, and began the one-hour walk to the Senate. At the Senate, the Senators were quietly talking among themselves over a cup of coffee or some tea together with sandwiches. It was not uncommon for senators not to be present at the session, since most of them came from countries far, far away, but not having the Chairman there was unheard of. Andelarion had prioritized attending the Senate's sessions before anything else. “Where is he, do you think?” Aoife quietly asked. “I don't know...” the others responded, seeming puzzled and looking on each other. “Well...” Harald said, “let's begin without him. The time is now thirteen past four, and we should have begun at half past three. Aoife, you are deputy chairman, so you should call this meeting to order.” “Let me just interrupt you here” Polten said. “Why don't we just call him?” Problem was, no one had a phone on them. Security rules from the secretariat of the Senate, who made sure the building was in order. At the very same time, a person from the reception to the Senate ran into the Throne Room and whispered to Aoife something. The receptionist went and Aoife took to word. “Honourable Senators. We shall begin. I have word that Chairman Andelarion is on his way. He is walking through the city as we speak.” It was true, Andelarion was on his way and he always hated public transport through Huyenkula. The Senate really needed to do something about that, he had several times thought to himself. “We shall begin.” Aoife said once more. “The meeting of the Senate is hereby called into session.” “We go to Item One on the agenda: the proposal to increase the pension age to 68.” Meanwhile, Andelarion hurried through Huyenkula. He really knew this city, every shortcut, every street. He should have become a bus or taxi driver. Maybe, after his retirment, he could set up a transport company, or... maybe not. He finally arrived at the Senate. As he entered the Throne Room, also called the Hall of Stars, there were heated discussions between the senators on item 2 on the agenda, public transport in Huyenkula and Nururfiskarvik. FINALLY! Andelarion thought. He sat down and began to take over from Aoife. The discussions continued, votes were held, and so forth. After two hours, they came to item 13 on the agenda, the last item, where individual motions could be raised. Everyone, being exhausted, was hoping that there were no individual motions or other things to be raised. Andelarion then spoke. “I... resign my post as chairman and senator.”
  5. Proposals for legislative reforms: Equal voting -- to give everyone the equal right of voting in Althing. Amendment procedures -- to make sure that no two bills to amend an existing law or high law are debated or voted on at the same time. What do you think?
  6. And I, Cashmaiel Andelarion, would like to remain a senator.
  7. Just an informal census, but it might affect your status in Hurmu pending the constitutional proposal's passage. So, if you are a Senator of the Lakes, just tell us who you are and whether you want to remain a senator or not.
  8. Thanks, Polten. I agree with your proposal regarding the expulsion of inactive senators.
  9. I hope the old mantra I learnt in school, "correlation does not equal causation", isn't true this time!
  10. Why not combine them? Wallander has (also) been made by the BBC, with British actors taking the roles of the Scanian police and members of the Swedish public. Very interesting, and granted, they had a better budget so it looks better. Although, it was annoying the way they kept pronouncing Swedish names
  11. Ladies and Sirs, Being the heir-apparent is not an easy task. Well, it may be easy if you don't do anything, but as Emperor one is the embodiment of the nation and holds sovereignty. The heir apparent is designated to succeed the emperor upon his incapacitation, or to serve as regent during his absence. What does the Emperor do? He enacts laws and measures of State, participates important ceremonies. He is also the Chief Viking. He represents the Empire home and abroad. When people come here, they think immediately of the Emperor and all the work he has done. Most other people are totally to foreigners. He negotiates with other He has also administrative tasks for the forum. Administrator, he sets up forums, moderates the board, etc. Aoife, High Queen, Queen of Lakes, Viking Princess -- I have some questions for you. Being the heir apparent of Stormark is very important. You serve Stormark in a most excellent way. You have advanced from being a no-one in the micronation world to be the Queen of Celtica, the Law Speaker of the Althing, Senator of Hurmu, then Queen of Lakes, and negotiator of international treaties. I have no doubts that you would serve Stormark and its people as a great heir apparent and, maybe, future empress in Stormark. But how would you feel about travelling abroad and represent Stormark there? When the Emperor isn't there, you will have to fill his shoes on the international scene. Your love for Stormark is so remarkably great, and I envy that, so that I haven't ever seen you abroad once! That's intriguing to me, yet you know alot (big plus!). You need to tell people that you exist in their own countries
  12. Fellow Members of the Council, Whether we should move or not move for the declaration of death for him is beyond my concern. I feel more that we should have an heir apparent that is able to govern when the Emperor is incapacitated.
  13. Dear Camillus, From Hurmu now comes a scroll bearing the words of the prophecies of John. May all good things come to you. May friendship between the Church of Stormark and the People of Hurmu be evermore lasting. O ek sá nya himmal o nya jórd, ty h-fyrra himmalin o h-fyrra jórdin hadu kangi a-vey, o havi fanns ei meir. O ek, Johannes, sá h-heileka drassilin – h-nya Jerusalem – stia nidur ur himmali frá Kudi, redu som brud smykkad for maka sinum. O ek heyrdi starka reyst ut av himmali seya: “Sjá! Kuds bóning er hjá menniskjum o han ska bó hjá deimum o dei skóla vera folk hansara, o Kud sjálv ska vera med deimum (o vera) deira kud. O Kud ska torka avey vhart tár frá eyunum deira o deydin ska ikki finnas meir, ei hellur sori ellir krát. Ei hellur ska pina longur vera til, ty dessa ting ha kangi a-vey. O hann som sat á hásetinum sadi: “Sjá! Ek kjeyr allting nytt” O hann seyur: “Rhit! ty órdin dessa eru sanna o tróverdeka. O hann sadi til min: “H-er bórdat full. Ek er Alfa o Omega, byrjan o sluti. Till hansara a-tyrst ska ek for inti kiv ur brunni med vatnum livar. Hann som sirar kjem á erva alla ting o eg kjem á vera hunum ein kud o hann mi sonin.
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