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  1. Name: Sir Bastinus Sakariesen, Duke of Kjolsgard Age: 31 Residence: Thorfinnsborg, Frostathing
  2. May the blessings of Eir be upon you Your Imperial Highness. Kjolsgard
  3. Name: Sir Bastinus Sakariesen, Duke of Kjolsgard Age: 30 Residence: Thorfinnsborg, Frostathing
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  5. Name: Sir Bastinus Sakariesen, Duke of Kjolsgard Age: 30 Residence: Thorfinnsborg, Frostathing
  6. Once again I can't comment on what the nation is doing, I can only comment on my own actions, responses and opinions. I believe its your job as the barrister to the defendant to convince the court he is innocent.
  7. I have not had any correspondence with Mr Camillus, so I am unable to answer that question.
  8. I don't even know your client nor is it in my interests to crush him or anything of the sort. If your client was truly interested in the welfare of Nidaros, I suspect he would have been better served by active involvement in the nation and specifically the Althing, where such legislation and work could have been made to present his vision and direction for Nidaros to His Imperial Majesty.
  9. FJ, I didn't mean to get anything started, I do appreciate your position on the matter. However grievances should be properlly lodged with His Imperial Majesty or the Justices at this point lest the possibility of slander arise.
  10. I thank the Chancellor for his adjustment. I didn't reply early enough befor voting started, however I still have issues that this census proposal requires infomation above and beyond the stated purpose of the need for the information to the MCS. Surely such things as titles and honours should be known and maintained by the responsible persons in the government and not polled in a census each time. The requirement places undue work upon the process. This opinion also extends to 'offices'. I feel the only info needed to meet the purpose of this bill is name, age and residence. I have stated my case and although into vote, I will not be lodging a deferral. ABSTAIN.
  11. No, I am not part of his church and have no ties to him which he could use to influence me. As a Viking, I follow the religion of Asatru.
  12. Mr Damarr, I can't speak to the disposition of every citizen of the Empire as to their fears, I can only speak here to my own feelings. I personally am not scared of Mr Camillus, nor do I hold any fear of him. And as I have been called to this stand and in these hallowed halls of justice been put under the requirement of honesty and forthright responses to the questions posed me, I think it ill-advised to assume that the truth has not been told by all.
  13. Theoretically the whole of 'Old Treisenberg' doesn't exist anymore either.
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