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  1. I just realized that while some of you have seen recent images of her, most havent. So here are a few pics of Chloe for you all to "aww" at. A VERY cheesy grin! Taken in the middle of a hearty laugh (she LOVES to laugh!!) The coup de gras...Princess Chloe!
  2. After a lot of thought and careful consideration, I've reached the painful conclusion that the time has come for me to resign from Micronations completely, effective March 1st. When I first entered this hobby 18 months ago, I wanted to be part of a fledgling nation; to make a real difference on how the nation would grow, and on it's direction. My goal was to be seen as a "Founding Father" of sorts...to be remembered long after I was gone. I feel that I accomplished that goal twice; in Gotzborg and Novaya Zemlya. I have had many great times since becoming a member of this Sector, and I've made some very close friends. I offer my personal gratitude to those of you who were always faithful friends to me, who were there no matter what, and who showed geniune concern for myself and my family during those tough times. I've suffered a few setbacks with regards to my health over recent months. I've done my best to find ways to remain among you while stepping back a little at the same time; lessen my load a little and still be valued. It's not in my nature, however, to "take it easy". I've always poured everything I have into whatever nation/project I was working on - and that's left me feeling rundown and worn out all too often. With my disease progressing and all those wonderful things the doctors predicted 3 years ago as being probable finally happening, I've had to make some really tough decisions; and this was one of them. Many of you are aware of the fact that my family is moving to another state. We're making a 1200 mile (~1900km) trip so I can be closer to my parents and siblings, as well as a core group of friends, including Chloe's Godfather. There I will get the emotional support I need for what I feel are the final stages of my life. It's possible that I will look in from time to time, but I make no promises. I need to focus my time and energy on being with my family and other loved ones; who have pretty much demanded that they all get to spend as much time with me as possible. If anyone ever wants to drop me a line, I would certainly welcome that. I will be available infrequently on my new (and final) AIM screen name: The Dipsomaniacs. Aside from that, I will provide my new email to anyone who EZmails me a request for it. I am sure that you all understand this, and will be supportive of my decision now; just as you've been in the past. I sincerely apologize for leaving like this, but it truly cannot be helped now. I simply dont have the energy to spend on Micronations AND my family. One had to give, and the choice is obvious, albeit painful. My best wishes to everyone. God Bless, and farewell. ~ Rob
  3. Well - you wanted her. So here's her first (and last for a few years) official post in Stormark: While typing she was saying "I am the Princess!!! But not Princess Belle - I'm Princess CHLOE!" So there you have it. Cherish the moment.
  4. My Dearest Lady, I was speaking about that very topic with the Emperor a couple of days ago. It's my hope that in about 7 years, my daughter will be old enough and clever enough to claim her rightful places here, and in Stormark. Of all the nations I've ever participated in, Stormark and the Protectorates have been the kindest toward Chloe by way of Peerages and such. And I cannot imagine a better first Micronational home for her once she's ready to enter the Sector.
  5. I really dont know what to say. My wife and I are most appreciative of this honor for Chloe. I've had Chloe sit up here and showed her where Dún Gail Dara is on the MCS map. She can now brag that she holds a higher peerage on her own here in Stormark then I do!! lol Thank you so much. I promise that we'll ensure Chloe learns and understands someday the importance of such honors...and the love shown by those who bestowed them upon her.
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  9. Why does the name "Howierstadt" remind me of the chap from Germania who pretended to be his own sister???
  10. Well to marry, in my mind, means there will be (and sometimes already has been) some form of...god - the thought just totally revolted me.
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  12. "Sweet"?...I kinda call that sick. I mean - beastiality is just a bit too far. But knowing what I know about dolphin anatomy...I guess I cant blame her.
  13. I dunno about this. She might not like him watching Porn, but that's not really cheating. Lots of men are 100% faithful to their wives while still enjoying a look in a magazine, etc once in a while. The man could have an addiction, in which case it might be the more wifely thing to support him and help him get over it; maybe some counselling. She should thank her lucky stars that he loves her enough to not actually cheat on her - we all know the internet makes it pretty darn easy to meet folks. Par example: My wife's cousin, Tracy. Tracy is like 43 years old now, and has three kids; 25, 18, and 16. Four years ago, Tracy's husband of nearly 20 years, and father to the three children, vanished. He called the house about a week after being gone, and informed Tracy that he had left her and the kids, and moved to California to be with his internet lover, whom he had been chatting and having an online affair with for over a year. Since that day, he's never come back for a visit, never written, never called, never paid child support. He doesnt work, his new wife (YES he married her) is the one who makes the money. Now in the grand scheme of things, I should think that Geta would be happy her husband merely enjoys his fair share (and maybe a bit more) of some harmless porn.
  14. Can someone kindly show me where this nation is located? I am sorry to say I've never heard of the UEG.
  15. How many votes do I get if I use them? lol
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