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  1. Princess Margaery des Vinandy has contracted a bout of Falcon Fever!
  2. Weeks after she expressed her desire to sail the seas of Micras just like before, the moment was there. Again she would go sailing, as in her younger days. Different routes have been considered. From the Beneluccas to the Jasonian archipelago, or from the Beneluccas to the Princess Fränzi-Ferdinanda Island, or even to continental Batavia. Ultimately, a sailing route was chosen from the Beneluccas to Jorvik. The salty sea air, the swell of the boat on the waves, the wind full of sails, in short: the feeling of freedom and the struggle with the elements. She loves that. But the reality is that she hasn't made a real sailing trip for years. Her work has prevented that. First when she was queen, now as princess and governor of the Beneluccas, she is still very busy. Yet an opportunity has been created to make her dream come true. A sailing trip and taste of the salty wind. Her brother and her distant cousin were not entirely comfortable with her plans, but she had already done some trial trips with her crew around the Beneluccas. The test runs were successful, where necessary improvements were made. The sailing boat "Queen of the seas" was prepared and the supplies were brought on board. The princess was busy on the deck with the final preparations. And then the moment was there. The gangplank was brought in, the bunches were released, the boat separated from the quay. A few hours later, the mountains of the Beneluccas can only be seen as green-gray contours on the horizon. On the port side you can see the mountains of the northernmost island of the Skerry Isles. When the sailboat will pass the north cape of that island, a change in the current and wind is to be expected. The crew takes the necessary preparations and eats a little before the sea becomes more restless. The princess steers the boat more to the west, so that the current is, as it were, cut. Just as expected, the wind changes and the western sea current is noticeable after the north cape has passed. Still it was not too bad. The sailboat sails northwest again and the sea gets restless in the O’Rear Strait. The narrow strait makes the current very strong, but the weather also deteriorates. The princess is concerned if it turns out that a storm is starting on arrival in the Street of Pearls. The incidence of darkness only makes it worse. A fierce storm plays with the sailboat as if it is nothing. The big waves hit the deck, the mate is still trying to steer, but the storm has made it impossible to keep course. Efforts are made to hold on to ropes. The princess sends out a distress signal, but a reaction on the radio does not occur. On deck she wants to help with the ropes, but she sees too late that the main sail's boom has come loose. The boom throws the princess into the sea. A wave hits the boat and it starts to capsize dangerously. For a moment the boat seemed to be more stubborn, but the next wave does the rest. The princess was barely conscious by the blow and managed to cling to a piece of wood. With the rope on the wood, she ties herself to the driftwood. The storm continues unabated. Then she loses her consciousness. Her eyes are closed, the sound is silent and everything is turning. Then she hears a voice say her name. First far away, then increasingly louder. A warm blanket was wrapped around her while she still wore her wet clothes. She heard the sea, but nothing like that night. No storm noises, no big waves. But calm waves that compete on a beach, whoever comes the furthest. Then she hears that voice say her name again. "Margaery, are you awake ?!", then her vision sharpens and she sees a male face. Two brown eyes looked questioningly at her. She started to smile and reassured the man. She wanted to get up, but then she felt pain coming in all kinds of places. "Who are you?" She asked stammering. "Where am I? How do you know my name?” “Calm down,” the man calmed her down. “My name is Noah. You are on the island of Narvik. We just fished you out of the sea. Apparently you have suffered a shipwreck.” “My crew, my ship! ”She exclaimed, standing still. On the beach around her she saw parts of her ship washed ashore. Several crew members sat or walked on the beach, along with other men and women. "Narvik?" She asked Noah. “Yes, Narvik in Stormark. Just lie down again, that's better.” The man's strong arms guided her while she forgot her pain. The man put a water bottle on her lips and she drank from the bottle. Her eyes were fixed on the man's brown eyes. She no longer knew what happened to her. First shipwreck, now love fell over her. The Story's Original Location.
  3. Just like King Arkadius III of Batavia with the Storjarla Æsileif, the Frankish Emperor will be getting himself the ultimate trophy wife. And a loving one too!
  4. Come on Bertolf! As long as you stand tall, there is hope for all!
  5. This thread is started by me to comment and facilitate others to coment on the story in the [Château Cour-de-Forêt] A fairy tale castle of a princess thread while avoiding that thread to become bogged down with all kinds of clutter.
  6. So you are gonna twist him around your little finger or you are gonna twist around his little finger?
  7. In what language would you be reading bedtime stories to those little ones? ☺️
  8. What kind of bedtime stories would you be reading to those little ones?
  9. Have you already given thought to names for your possible future little ones?
  10. Would you unmothball a certain red dress for your possible future nuptials with the Frankish Emperor? ☺️
  11. I wish the Princess Elisabeth supercalifragilisticexpialidociously sweet dreams!
  12. That opulent nursery of yours in Château de Vathune will require a supercalifragilisticexpialidociously sizable expansion, won't it?
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