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  1. Sweet Lady Great-grandaunt of Mine, May it please you that I'm supercalifragilisticexpialidociouslyly happy to learn that your pleasure companion is giving you such a good time, keeping you delightfully occupied until it is time to show off your skill with the bow at the Valfreyja Temple during the baby-welcoming of Ærinndís-Máel and Eochaid-Jonathan. And then it is off to Scarwood Keep for the "Cattle Show" where 169 "studs" shall be vying for your attention and, of course, ultimately your hand!
  2. I supercalifragilisticexpialidociouslyly second that motion!
  3. For a cerainty! any straight male who does not want to snuggle with the Lady Ærinndís ought to have his head examined! Her Imperial and Royal Hotness is the epitome of a Vanakvinna and of a Falconess!
  4. And here is another motion that I superabundantly second!
  5. Mine Priestessly Necklace has once belonged to the Lady Elsa Gyllmárasdóttir. She was one of the Temple Twins, the twin daughters of the Lady Gyllmára Wectasdóttir, the Second High Priestess of the Thingeyri Temple. who jointly and simultaneously served as Third and Fourth High Priestess of the Thingeyri Temple. The Lady Bergþóra Gyllmárasdóttir was her (elder) twin sister.
  6. Sweet Lady Great-grandaunt of Mine, You look every inch a Jarla and every inch a Falconess!
  7. Sweet Lady Great-grandaunt of Mine, You have been at Tara Castle with your bedwarmer, Rí Aogán Ó Corragáin of Clan Mide, for a bit of time now? How do you like this supercalifragilisticexpialidociouslyly handsome male pleasure companion of yours, with whom you were provided by the Lady Aoife, so far?
  8. The top brass of the Treforkshirð, mine Lord Grandfather's Imperial Household as Imperial Chieftain of Tronderike, are already having many a sleepless night about how to keep the Treforkshirð's books balanced. 😋
  9. Sweet Lady Aunt of Mine, Which of those Fulltrui Temples would be the site of preference of yours for the baby-welcoming of your future little ones?
  10. Congratulations to the Krónjarla and welcome Ærinndís-Máel and Eochaid-Jonathan, the gorgeous offspring that fresh Vanamama brought into this world! Ærinndís-Máel and Eochaid-Jonathan, Urd has spun the threads of your lives, Verdandi weaves your tapestry bright, Skuld will measure the fabric's length, and Frigga stitch for you runes of strength. May you be clothed in these Goddesses' Grace, may you walk safely on Reikistjarna's face, have courage and steadfastness, vigor and health, honour and bounty, wisdom and wealth. That said, if the donations of the Imperial Chieftain of Tronderike shall remain so popular among Ladies Imperial and Royal who want to become mothers, mine Lord Grandfather shall soon enough have enough children to crew an entire longship!
  11. Where shall the baby-welcoming ceremonies of your future nurslings be held?
  12. What a supercalifragilisticexpialidociously lovely and entertaining poem! It is clear that Rauðúlfr Vémundr's talent for poetry is as great as the mighty bosom of the Lady Unna!
  13. I wonder what was so desirable about Thordynnar's Tower, and why its desirability is so important?
  14. For a certainty! If I have it my way, wedding bells will be ringing quite soon at Scarwood Keep and in the nearby village of Scarwood!
  15. Lady Aoife, Just for your information: I have got naught to add to the names put forward by the Lady Ærinndís. Fine choices they supercalifragilisticexpialidociously are!
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