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  1. Lady Sigrdrífa, How very lovely and beautiful, I am so indebted to you. Thank you!
  2. Lady Birgitta, Your service to me is ever so wonderful, my gratitude is as great as the mighty bosom of Lady Unna.
  3. Lady Birgitta How lovely of you to foresee my needs before I see them! Feel free, as long as we ensure that Mina Durtarui, for its unique history, remains apart.
  4. Lady Birgitta, Indeed, you are swift as the wind! I commend your work. Lady Aoife, Please consider Lady Birgitta's submission to be authoritative of my position here in Port Chloe.
  5. Oh the age really doesn't matter thanks to Idun's apples! Except of course, it sometimes makes the mind more mature for certain men, and I do like a brain I can converse with....
  6. Lady Aoife, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I shall at once refer with the historical records!
  7. Or was it for politics (with love coming later)? 😲
  8. Lady Aoife, Oh definitely! I am no Batavian no more! Let's go full-on Vanic! (Thank you Lady Sigrdrífa for capturing a picture of me so captivating and dreamy!)
  9. THAT was a long time ago!!! I had almost forgot that dress. So not very Vanic! I remember it felt constrained and impractical. But I sure did look regal!
  10. Ladies Aoife and Fjǫrleif, He has been serving me quite well. The only thing lacking is of course the emotional connection. But physically, a lady is happy. Girls just wanna have fun! Once I have settled on a future husband, I will be even happier.
  11. Lady Aoife, Indeed! Yet I spend maybe half my days here. The rest are spent in Snæland, Port Chloe and on travels with regard to the Froyalanish refugees in Gascony and Normandie.
  12. I certainly did outgrow my apartments in the Sigrún Tower of the Vanadísarhall! I am supercalifragilisticexpialidociously grateful grateful for being able to have such a lush and well-equipped house.
  13. 1. NAME* (legal name please): Ærinndís Gudrödarsdóttir 2. HOUSE: House of the Descendants of Freyja House des Vinandy 2. TITLE AND STYLE: Her Imperial and Royal Highness Ærinndís des Vinandy of Ettlingar Freyu, Imperial Chieftainess of Port Chloe and the Providence Plantations, Storjarla of Stormark, Lady Imperial on All Continents, Queen Dowager of Batavia, Archduchess of 's Koningenwaarde, Countess of Dasburgh, Countess of Vinandy, Baroness of Ammerswoude and by de Loet, Baroness of Bergkirche 3. YEAR OF BIRTH: 1440 (Anno Nortone) 4. RESIDENCE*: Haraldsborg (private residence) Álfarflóð, Snæland (as the Snæjarla) Scarwood Keep, the Duchy of Port Chloe and the Providence Plantations (seat as Imperial Chieftainess) 5. OTHER NATIONALITIES OR NATIONAL ALLEGIANCES: None. 6. FOREIGN TITLES AND STYLES: See above. 7. SIM-ID'S CONTROLLED BY YOU: None.
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