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  2. Quarterly Census of the Month Glitnir 16

    1. NAME* (legal name please): Geirbjörg Gefialdrsdottir 2. TITLE AND STYLE: Her Imperial and Royal Highness the Imperial Chieftainess of the Isles, Storjarla of Stormark, Lady Imperial on all Continents, Jarla of Lögleysafjørður 3. AGE: 4. RESIDENCE: Ingestre Hall, The Isles 5. OTHER NATIONALITIES OR NATIONAL ALLEGIANCES: Constancia, Natopia, Treisenberg, Shireroth 6. FOREIGN TITLES AND STYLES: Princess and Llængjarla of Elwynn, Countess of Illumination and Cimmeria, Countess of Northshire, Countess of Arietta, Countess of the Lady Esther Isles 7. HOUSE: House of Ettlingar Freyu, House of Utenlov 8. SIM-ID'S CONTROLLED BY YOU: Princess Olympia