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  1. After a glorious trip on carriage through the lined streets of Haraldsborg, Noor arrived at the riverside where the Queen of Quests was waiting. To keep with the majesty, on this windstill day, decisions had been made to not propel the ship with engines, but only with the brute force of sailors rowing. And this was a huge, grand ship. The deck was lined with the strongest sailors from across the Storish navy – mostly men but some women. They were all tall and muscular and stood in honour as the Kaiseress boarded. She was led by the High King to an elevated section on the top deck, where she was to stand next to him the journey to Harald’s Holdfast. From this point, she looked over the city, the people all exulting around her. “You could almost believe they’re thinking I am their empress!” whispered Noor to Harald, who simply smiled as a response. The rest of the Imperial Shirerithian Family was at a different section of the boat. King Noah took good care of his children and his stepgrandson, and looked much content with his quiet role as imperial consort. “He’s very good with the kids…” said Harald. “He very much is. He’s still very much a child, himself. I like that about him. He’s uncomplicated. He’s getting older though…” Noor faked a sad expression, resulting in loud laughter from the High King. The ship left on its journey to Hnossa Isle – it wouldn’t take long, but as it was a windstill day, it would take some time for the rowers to steer there. The sun was beaming and warmed Noor’s cheeks. “Thank you again, for inviting me, and for this welcome!” “Oh we’re only getting started, my dear!” replied Harald. A while later, after the ship had arrived at Hnossa Isle, a huge lunch in Viking style was served. Noor was over the moon by the welcoming, and she was so happy meeting all other members of the Storish imperial family. Later, in the evening, she would return to them for a banquet, where she would also meet members of the government, jarls from across the High Realm, and outstanding representative of the Storish civilization. But first, she was going to visit the Bovic and Hurmu places of worship. The first one was the Bovic Cathedral of the Return of the Mother, constructed at the Vanadisarhall, for the benefit of Asara Sisu, then a jarla in Storish care. Now, of course, she was no more, and visiting the sanctuary was a humbling experience. Noor – already having changed her clothes to full black, including a black veil, in mourning for the fallen empress – entered the church grounds in silence holding her grandson’s hand. There after came her children, followed by her husband. They spoke quietly to the local bosarch, and proceeded to go the altar place in quiet meditation. It was emotional for everyone involved. Noor’s son Adam had in cold blood murdered Asara Sisu. It was Vidar’s father, and the brother of Vilhjalm and Esther. Vilhjalm – the oldest of children – was visibly shaken. He had been rather close to his older brother (if anyone could be said to have been close to him), and had felt an immense betrayal – a deep sickening rot in his soul – after knowing of Adam’s crimes, first against his two dead brothers, then to the country of Goldshire, and finally to the soul of the Empress Asara. “I hate him…” he quietly whispered to his mother’s ear. “I know, my son.” was all that the mother replied, before Vilhjalm walked to his father and hugged him tightly. Vidar did not quite comprehend the situation – he was still very young. Yet, he knew that his father had done something terrible, unforgiveable. “I wish he hadn’t killed her,” he said to Esther, who replied by drawing her fingers through his jet-black hair. After this visit, Noor and Noah were to travel with their children an to the Hurmu temple. By their marriage contract, they had agreed that the children be brought up in a faith alien to them both – the Hurmu faith. They respected it though, as they both stemmed from ancestors professing it with their souls. Even so much, they had been married in the Hurmu rites, and given their youngest son the name of the chief cleric there, Vilhjalm, who was now also the high justiciar of the Storish government. Before going, Noor changed her clothes again. She was now wearing a red dress with a red dragonwool cloak, her long black hair put in a beehive style on the top of her head. Red was, after all, the traditional colour for feast clothes in the Hurmu tradition. As the family arrived there, they were greeted by Vilhjalm Kormak, in his role as the temple’s chairman. He springled water from the Lakes on them, and chanted a little prayer for them all. He then showed them around the temple itself and its grounds. Noor was in awe of the architecture. It was a beautiful temple, so majestic, yet humble in so many ways. It had so much natural lights, very ltitle decoration, but a lot of air in it. She recognized though, that her husband, Noah, did not seem to appreciate the beauty, and she found that strange, until it dawned on her that Noah was grieving. His mother was a matron for this temple. Lady Esther used to go to the temple with him several times every week. She prayed, participated in the rites, and was a member of the temple’s Council of Elders. It was hugely emotional for him. They visited the place where the last rites for the deceased body of Lady Esther were made. “Do you miss her?” asked Noor her husband gently. “Every day,” replied Noah. “My memories of her are fading, but when I talk to Dad about her, they seem to come alive again. He has so many stories of her. I think he still is grieving.” “I think so too,” said Noor. Their children would spend the night and the next few days at the Temple, to undergo some rites and deepening of their knowledge of their faith. They bid their farewells to their parents, and outside the Temple grounds, Noor and Noah were received by the cheering masses of Haraldsborg. Taking the opportunity to appease the masses, Noor – despite never showing affection in public – kissed her husband on the cheek, held his hand tightly, as the two of them walked down the stairs to their waiting car. Now, they would go back to the Vanadisarhall, for the evening banquet.
  2. On the morning of 18 Kuspor 1649, the Eye of Cortallia – the Imperial Yacht – touched down on Fulltrui International Air- and Spaceport. The Yacht was an old one, some forty years old, yet reliable and very comfortable and luxurious. The Kaiseress thought travelling on the Ete would be very fitting, as she knew the Storish fondness for luxury, pump and circumstance. With her on the Yacht, she had her grandson, Prince Vidar – a timid boy of a little less than five years of age – clutched to his nanny. Vidar’s mother, Liv, Khanum of Cabbagefall, was also onboard but seemed to make an effort to avoid interaction with her son. The Kaiseress was also pleased that her husband, King Noah, and their mutual children, Prince Vilhjalm and Princess Esther had joined her on this important trip. It was her first trip to Stormark for ten years. Although a noble in Stormark – both through her marriage to the High King’s grandson and through her own right as Jarla of the Longships Islands – she had not visited Stormark since. She had never felt very home here – she didn’t dislike coming here – but the country and its culture were in many ways foreign to her, difficult to understand. She was constantly afraid of doing something wrong. And indeed, the last time she was here, it was to seek lobbying for the war against the Leonids – in hindsight, her worst mistake as the real culprit for her children’s murder was her very own son, Adam. She hoped that the Storish would be gracious enough not to bring this matter up. “Noah, darling,” she said as she turned to her husband. “I’m a little nervous. I’ve never really liked it here, you know?” Her husband smiled, whispered a calming word in her ear. An usher came to the couple, “Your Radiance – we have landed. It is time for the procession out.” Flanked by a number of Sentinels – the Kaiseress’s personal body guard – carrying traditional weapons and clothes for the sake of ceremony, the Kaiseress led the procession down the gangway to the airport tarmac where a giant red carpet had been placed. The Kaiseress walked with her hair free – it was the first time in many years that she let her hair be shown in public, as her husband had advised her that it is considered a taboo in Stormark to fully cover the hair – holding her grandson’s hand. After her walked her husband, Noah, and the Khanum of Cabbagefall, representing the two largest and most important Imperial States. Thereafter walked her youngest two children, Prince Vilhjalm (named after the current High Justiciar of Stormark) and Princess Esther. After them followed a number of officials and servants that Kaiseress’s entourage had taken on. Though, as the invitation officially only extended to the Kaiseress, the Khanum, and the Kaiseress’s immediate family, there were no government ministers or so coming along. The Kaiseress had thought it somewhat weird, though she was advised by her husband that the omission of any government ministers was just a testament to the Stormarker’s regard for the kaiseress as a true autocrat. “You are the Radiant Sun,” she had said, smiled, and bowed his head to his wife. It was warmer than she expected in Haraldsborg – the forecast had warned about some chill – but it was unexpectedly warm this morning, and it felt good for the light breeze to go through her hair. “You look stunning,” whispered her husband behind her as they walked down the gangway, and the Kaiseress smiled. She had decided on a white silk dress covered with a gold-embroidered coat with a slight train.
  3. (Wow, someone has respect for his father the way he speaks to him...)
  4. Lady High Justiciar I would be honoured and humbled to accept that
  5. Lady Law Speaker The High King corrects the baby member of the House once again! I am in awe and in gratitude, and hope to express those sentiments by now calling for a vote on the bill.
  6. Lady Law Speaker I extend my thanks to the High King and Gulajarl. The clerk's mistake has been rectified. I certainly hope that he or she will not be too harshly reprimanded for the mistake. We all make them, once in a while. I now have the opportunity to look at the bill itself. The bill proposed to add Shireroth to the list of countries excepted. I would like to add Natopia there, too. Hear me out, Lady Law Speaker. In Natopian law, the emperor's throne is never vacant. In the sudden demise of the emperor, then the next in line is the new emperor/empress whether he knows it or not. As such, given that the His Majesty's grandson King Noah is in the line to the Natopian throne, it is possible that one day, if the Gods are so aligned that the tragedy occurs whereby every single person above my husband are ineligible (by Natopian law, not Storish, I'd like to note, or by simply being dead) to succeed to the throne, then Noah will by Natopian law be the new Emperor, whether he likes it or not. Then by the law here, a legal reading, he would have lost his rights to membership in the House of the Descendants of Freya. Surely, that is nothing we would like to occur, especially because of that diplomatic crisis between Natopia and Shireroth when Noah was removed from the order of succession... It would simply be wrong not to acknowledge that we have fought for his place in the Natopian order of succession, and if we then, by our own choice, decide not to give him a carte-blanche to succeeding to that throne, then something really is awry here. And may you forgive me, Lady Law Speaker, for fighting for the rights of my husband. I know I am biased here, but I hope you understand. It is perfectly possible that the situation may occur to other members of the House of Ettlingar Freyu, though!
  7. Lady Law Speaker What a tremendous honour it is for me to rise here today, in this hollowed Althing. I follow in the footsteps of many other native-born Ayreon-Kalirions who have been in this chamber. Most recent in memory here is probably the Lord Jonathan Ayreon, my would-be brother-in-law had he not died in office as High Justiciar of this Realm. Now it is finally my turn to speak here. I married into the royalty here, but my people have always had a place in Stormark. Hurmudans and Elwynnese have always been here. I think of Prince Daniel, of Cashmaiel Andelarion, of Lady Esther. I am proud and humbled to be before you, Lady Law Speaker. Now that I have made my introduction, I would like to look at the bill at hand. I have cross-checked The High King and Gulajarl's proposed amendment to the Law of Ettlingar Freyu, and I fear I cannot see how it actually changes anything. Perhaps the clerks of His Majesty have failed to include the High King's amendment in the text? Lady Law Speaker, Might a clarification be sought?
  8. Name: Noor bint Daniyal Umra Suleiman ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati House: Ayreon-Kalirion Eligibility: Jarla of Longships Islands
  9. Men of the Longships Guards The very best of you, The Strongest -- The Fastest -- The Bravest -- The Most Loyal -- The Best Skilled -- -- are invited to join the Leonid Guard, to serve me and my family until the very end, with your most absolute loyalty and devotion. There will be a tournament among the interested to select the best of you. I need the very best. Will you give me the best of you?
  10. Your Imperial and Royal Majesty Most Honourable Ladies and Lord Wardens of Council I am humbled and delighted by this appointment to take part in the government of the islands over which I am also the chieftainess. It will be a pleasure to find solace here, and to bring more government to these too troubled islands.
  11. Then, Lady High Justiciar, I look forward to my appointment!
  12. Thank you, grandfather. I look forward to it!
  13. Thank you both. Your Majesty -- I was thinking of the Longships Islands. Not only did they once belong to the Babkhans -- my family has Babkhan roots -- but also it was the jarldom of your daughter in law and my precedessor to the Emirate of Sathrati, Lady Esther. It would be fitting if my youngest son had his Storish home there.
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