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  1. Your Majesty, my Lord Foster Father; and to your Ministers and Advisers: As Ambassador to the High Realm I have been tasked with inquiring about certain security matters in regard to one of Stormark's possessions. We have been informed of certain threats to a third party sovereign nation which may also affect the security of the Longship Islands. The Longship Islands serve as the guardian to inner southern Eura, which is where these threats are focused. Any attack on this third party sovereign nation may also entail a violation of Stormark's territorial water and/or airspace. Although we have no doubt of the prowess of Stormark's defense forces, we must offer our assistance to you should these threats be manifest. Unfortunately, the extent of our information is limited to vague threats against the third party sovereign nation of Constancia. We are eager to coordinate or offer assistance should you request it. Yours sincerely and lovingly, Asara
  2. Frenzy approves Demesne reorganization The Natopian legislature has approved measures that will expand Arboria, New Aquitane (associated with the House of Ayreon-Kalirion), and create subdemesnes out of Klaasiya. These measures hope to allow easier and faster integration of new citizens into Natopia and the Frenzy. Emperor tackles cultural reform The Emperor has taken steps to claim more control over Natopia's visual culture by updating the National Heraldic Achievement, updating the empire's awards, and confirming past awards. HMIM the High King may find his updated Order of the Yoshi medal and ribbon attached below. Preparations for Microvision 2016 underway Natopia, as the winner of Microvision 2015, is preparing Lindstorm Opera House to host the international event sometime in January. House of Waffel-Paine seeks to extend power The Imperial Family of Natopia, from its base of power in Flaventia, has taken steps to expand its power further in Natopia. The Waffel-Paine family has no special distinction under Natopian law, but it is seeking an alliance with leaders in Klaasiya and outright hegemony over Sororiya. Natopia and Shireroth hopeful over deal Natopia and Elwynn have reached a tentative agreement in which Natopia reclaims the Amokolian island of Llaeng, and in turn King Noah of Elwynn inherits the jarldom of Jorvik from his foster father the Natopian emperor.
  3. Asara Sisu

    [Natopia] Letter of Credence

    I am so happy Lady Sigrdrifa! Thank you for the wonderful news. I look forward to serving the Bovic Empire and the High Realm as best I can!
  4. This is a beautiful house for Bous! I know mommy loved Bous, and I love Bous too... I remember he once called me Taznim and gave me a stone tablet.