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    Request for assistance

    Your Excellency I fear that the first letter that I write to you, following my appointment to the position of Second and Third Consul of Alexandria, is one with less politeness and flowery language than I first hoped. The fact is that, though, Alexandria requests the help from the prosperous and generous Stormark. Las Cabezas III, a "dormant" (obviously not) volcano in south-western Tapfer has erupted. The winds and lava flows go west, poisoning the air and destroying firtile ground. Thousands of people are losing their homes and farms, maybe even hundreds of thousands. Sadly, we find hard accommodating for such an enormous evacuation, especially now that roads and other communications are difficult. Could the High Realm, in conjunction with its government in Port Chloe, please assist? Could it house some evacuees? Could it help in the evacuation and containment? Anything would be appreciated. Stormark is our brother realm. Please, help a brother out. Yours sincerely Juana Beazcoetxea Second and Third Consul