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  1. 1. NAME* (legal name please): Sjurd Hergonstad 2. TITLE AND STYLE: His Eminence, Metrobosarch of Lyrica; Jarl of Frostarike and the Lake District 3. AGE*: 294. RESIDENCE*: Haraldsborg5. OTHER NATIONALITIES OR NATIONAL ALLEGIANCES: Natopia, Shireroth6. FOREIGN TITLES AND STYLES: none7. HOUSE: House of Ayreon-Kalirion8. SIM-ID'S CONTROLLED BY YOU:
  2. Your Majesty, I am humbled and grateful for this generous token of your esteem! Thank you very much! May Bous shower the High Realm, You, and your family, with rich blessings from on high for eternity!
  3. May Bous bless all the Storish Lands! Whether you are cold or hot, Bous cares not!
  4. Your Holiness, An excellent question. It is not explicitly stated. But there are no celibacy requirements for Bovic clergy. The Butter Cow specifically mentions his indifference (or depending on interpretation, his eager interest) in carnal relations in the Story of the Vices of Mount Vice: Here the Butter Cow sends some mixed messages, as he still refers to carnal knowledge as "abominations" and "vices." Nevertheless in the next passage, the Butter Cow leaves Branflake out on the street as the Butter Cow goes in to partake of the "abominations." Some Bovic theologians interpret these sections, which are the only references to sex in the Tetrobiblios, as the basis for Bovic sex positivism and the Bovic Cult of the Phallus, or at the very least for the Bovic Church to not interfere whatsoever in the sex lives of its adherents. Indeed, two of the laws given to Saint Taznim can be interpreted as Bous wanting his calves to enjoy carnal relations with an open mind and to experiment. Several Metrobosarchs have been married, including Saint Asara, who was Metrobosarch of Lindstrom (and even conceived and gave birth to dearest little Clara while serving as Metrobosarch), and although we don't like talking about him much anymore, Adam Ayreon-Kalirion was married while he was Metrobosarch of Elijah's Rest.
  5. His Dynastic Highness, Nathan II, Faro of Flaventia, Prince of Natopia, Storjarl of Stormark; with his younger sister Princess Clara, photographed as they entered the Cathedral of the Return of the Mother. Sjurd took the Natopian Prince and Princess on a private pilgrimage to the Cathedral dedicated to the royal children's maternal grandmother. Nathan kept running ahead to check on things to see if they were 'as he remembered them,' which puzzled Sjurd as Nathan had never been to this cathedral before. Sjurd knew the miracle of Nathan's birth, the fact that he was a male child born to the reincarnation of Saint Taznim broke that cycle of reincarnation, and the fact that Asara lived through the birth earned her sainthood. Was it possible that Nathan possessed the memories of all previous incarnations of Saint Taznim? The Metrobosarch of Lyrica showed Nathan and Clara the notes that their mother, Saint Asara, left in the cathedral's guest book and explained to them how she would sit for hours in this cathedral and speak to Bous. Sjurd asked them if they could hear Bous too. Nathan bowed his head and remained silent for a long time, "Right now, I only hear the silence." Clara shook her head vigorously and frowned. Sjurd smiled, "That's fine. You are both the great-grandchildren of the Once-Living God, and direct descendants of Saint Taznim. You will hear Bous some day, but do not be afraid." Clara smiled and took the Metrobosarch's hand and said, "Bous is a good friend."
  6. Sjurd had been informed of the possibility that the young Natopian Prince Nathan and his sister Princess Clara would be staying in Haraldsborg until things settled down back in Natopia and following in the tradition established by their mother, Saint Asara. Kyle Kilynn, the young siblings' father and guardian, had sent a letter to Sjurd requesting that the metrobosarch take a particular interest in teaching the children not only about the Church, but also about their mother who lived here for many years. Although formal parental arrangements were being made for Nathan, Sjurd had been instructed by Kyle to take on the role of guide to the young boy and girl, to help them learn of their new home, embrace their new family, and to always remember their birthright so that they may return home one day and that Nathan may reclaim the Caprine Throne and expand the glory of the Houses of Waffel-Paine and Ettlingar Freyu. He gave praise to Bous that the next generation of young Waffel-Paines would grow up happy and healthy in this wonderful country.
  7. I am pleased and honored to serve you, Lady Leonora, and continue to serve the government of this most High Realm.
  8. Heartfelt congratulations to Lady Leonora. May Bous bless your thoughts and actions as you guide Stormark to ever greener pastures.
  9. 1. NAME* (legal name please): Sjurd Hergonstad 2. TITLE AND STYLE: His Eminence, Metrobosarch of Lyrica 3. AGE*: 27 4. RESIDENCE*: Haraldsborg 5. OTHER NATIONALITIES OR NATIONAL ALLEGIANCES: Natopia, Shireroth, Alexandria, St Andre 6. FOREIGN TITLES AND STYLES: none 7. HOUSE: House of Ayreon-Kalirion 8. SIM-ID'S CONTROLLED BY YOU: Asara Sisu
  10. May Bous bless the King for all eternity today on his birthday! Have a happy and peaceful day Your Majesty!
  11. Truly a blessed girl! And not to mention a blessed model for the drawing!
  12. A difficult time, when estranged family members pass. Brother in Bous, I am here for you to pray with, should you need console.
  13. It is a true miracle that Nathaniel has been returned to us. His holy parentage: the Pentheros Theodores (Nathan) and the Beloved Saint Elijah, will ensure Nathaniel a place in the eternal pantheon of Bovic praise.
  14. Many apologies for my tardiness in my response, Your Holiness. The Pentheros is elected by the bosarchs of the church from among their own number. Pentheros Theodores set out this basic law in his landmark Bull that merged the secular Kingdom of Athlon into the hierarchy of the Bovic Church.
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