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The High Realm of Stormark

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  1. Renunciation of citizenship

    I hereby renounce my citizenship in the High Realm of Stormark.
  2. Sky High Police Approval Ratings

    Her legs must be freezing to death. I wonder why Storish police forces can't dress their officers properly
  3. Sky High Police Approval Ratings

    It doesn't matter what they look like, it matters how they act, especially when in uniform and on duty.
  4. Johann Gransson, Nagajarl of Frostarike, slithers into the hall, clad in the upper half of a tuxedo handmade by the famed Tellian designer Giorgio Armani, trousers being useless to his serpentine kind.
  5. Is there any particular concrete reason why provincial governors are called jarls and not, say, petty kings, especially given that those jarls apparently have other jarls that report to them?
  6. [Resolution] Frostish Althingi Title Resolution

    Incorrect. It wasss becaussse she ssseconded a motion that had already been ssseconded. Which is completely unnecccesssary.
  7. Titles of the Jarl of Frostarike

    Hisss Graccce the Nagajarl of Frossstarike.
  8. [Resolution] Frostish Althingi Title Resolution

    *glares at Sigrdrífa*
  9. [Resolution] Frostish Althingi Title Resolution

    Milady Law Ssspeaker I move to fassst-track the resssolution.
  10. Milady Law Speaker, I humbly request of ye an exception to Step 4 of the Althingi Submissions Protocol, on the grounds that worship of any figure, divine or otherwise, is a most un-nagalike act. Furthermore, I humbly request that the sixth entry in Section 4 of the Protocols on the Althing's Work be amended to read as follows:
  11. The Vanadís Chapter Hall

    You and I both. I'm not even the right gender to get in there! There should be a male equivalent to the Daughters of Freyja, I think.
  12. The Vanadís Chapter Hall

    Why do they have to out-post the rest of the country