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  1. The Government of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation presents its compliments to the Government of the High Realm of Stormark, and, pursuant to Act of Frenzy, has the honour to convey to the Government of the High Realm, that: 1. The Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation has transferred the territory of Jorvik to the Imperial Republic of Shireroth; 2. All power, including that of Jarl of Jorvik, that was previously afforded His Most Bovic Majesty the Emperor of the Natopians, has been succeeded to by His Majesty the King of Elwynn; and 3. The Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation no longer considers itself bound by the Treaty of the Clear Sea. The Government of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation avails itself of the opportunity to assure the Government of the High Realm of Stormark the assurances of its highest consideration.
  2. My lady -- that would be the lord steward of Elwynn.
  3. 10 Azar 1394 12 Silnuai/Noveber 1631 10 Ydalir 14 ASC 5961 Know that We, Mibaradardam be Khorshid va Mah Minamaz dadanam Zurvan, have in the first place granted to Zurvan this farman which by his Kharenah is confirmed for Us and Our heirs forever. Whereas the imperial and dynastic Line of Ayreon-Kalirion, having ruled, at various times, empires, kingdoms and principalities around the world, has recently been involved in the organization of members of the same Line into a House, with rules and laws governing it; And whereas The High King's Most Excellent Majesty in the High Council of the Realm in Stormark, on the fifth day of Noatun in the fourteenth year of the Second Viking Age in the Second Epoch of the High Realm of Stormark, created the House of Ayreon-Kalirion for members of relation to the Line of Ayreon-Kalirion in Stormark; And whereas His late Majesty the Kaiser of Shireroth, then Emir of Sathrati and Patriarch of Ayreon-Kalirion, on the sixth day of Vixaslaa in the year of Norton sixteen-hundred and twenty-one, recognized the Line of Ayreon-Kalirion and defined it by law, also adopting Her late Majesty Kaiseress Isa IV Cassandrae into it; It has therefore become necessary for the creation of a Charter for the House of Ayreon-Kalirion, so that it may be governed across many jurisdictions as one entity with one set of members. Accordingly, I, Nathaniel Andre Utas, Emir of Sathrati, Patriarch of the Line of Ayreon-Kalirion, order, ordain and declare: THE CHARTER OF THE HOUSE OF AYREON-KALIRION 1. MEMBERSHIP 1.1. Acquiring Provided that a person is (or his or her descendants are) not excluded from the membership of the house, 1. any person descended, whether genetically or by adoption, from the union between Princess Isa of Brookshire (otherwise known as Tuuler Kalir) and Eskender Arsalani Sahib, or 2. any person adopted into the House by the Emir or the Council of Elders, or 3. any person having married a member of the House, or 4. any descendant of a member by virtue of point 2, are the members of the house. All members have the right to the style, degree and dignity of imperial highness. 1.2. Imperial Bloodline (Shireroth) The Line of Ayreon-Kalirion is for genealogical purposes limited to members of the house by virtue of points 1, 2 or 4 in section 1.1. 1.3. Descendants of Rashid Ayreon Members descended, biologically or by adoption, from Rashid Shahanshah Qaiser-e Sathrati (otherwise also known as Kaiser Ayreon, Prince Andelarion, and King Audon) have the right to the title Scion of the King of Kings and the title Knight or Lady of the Holy lakes. 1.4. Exclusion 1.4.1. Unmarried, childless members. Any unmarried childless member of the house shall, upon petition to the Emir to exclude him or her from the house, cease being a member of the house following the Emir’s decree effecting the same. Any subsequent spouses and descendants will not have automatic right of membership in the house. 1.4.2. Members of the house who are married to each other, and who have no descendants, shall, upon a petition to the Emir signed by them with the request that they be excluded from the house, cease to be members of the house following the Emir’s decree effective the same. Any subsequent descendants, or spouses, will not have automatic right of membership in the house. 1.4.3. The Council of Elders may on its own motion exclude a member from the house if it is satisfied that the member has put the house in disrepute, or tarnished the house, or acting seditiously and untrue to the house, or performing acts with great ill will toward other members of the house. Such exclusion will also apply to any descendants and spouses of the excluded member, unless such descendants and spouses have claim of membership by other connexion or relative. 1.4.4. The Council of Elders may upon the petition of an excluded spouse or descendant, who remains in good standing before the house, readmit that spouse or descendant to the membership by adoption into the house. 1.5. Privileges of membership 1.5.1. Notwithstanding any other provision in the Charter, each member has the right to: 1. employ the names, devices, emblems and coats of arms of the house in their dynastic names, surnames, personal coats of arms, emblems, and so on, 2. be heard by the Emir and the Council of Elders at all times, 3. free lodging in any building owned by the House, wherever this building may located, 4. a guard that will be always available for him- or herself of at least two guardsmen for the protection and provision of any other services necessary for the member (Leonid Guard). 1.5.2. Members who are minors, that is to say under the age of sixteen Elw-Natopian years, and who have no parents alive, may be wards of the Emir, and shall be protected by the Emir until they reach age of majority. 1.6. Duties of membership Each member shall: 1. treat all other members with respect, 2. respect the decisions and rulings of the Emir and of Council of Elders, 3. abide by the Charter at all times, 4. inform the House of any marriages entered into or any children born to him or her, so that the names may be inscribed in the book of the house, 5. assist in the recruitment of the Leonid Guard and other servants of the house, 2. BRANCHES 2.1. Allocation 2.1.1. Every member belongs to a branch. There are the main branch and the dynastic branches. 2.1.2. The main branch consists of persons who do not fulfil the criteria for inclusion in any other branch. Each branch consists of its first member(s) (if alive) and members of the house in accordance with section 2.3. 2.1.3. A member of the house who fulfils the criteria for inclusion in a branch may not belong to the main branch. 2.1.4. A member who fulfils the criteria for inclusion in more than one branch shall belong to the branch where he or she is a first member. If the member is not a first member of any branch, he or she shall belong to the branch of the eldest parent. If the eldest parent is not or has not been a member of the house, the member shall belong to the branch of the younger parent. If neither parent has been a member of the house, the member shall belong to the branch of his or her first marriage with a member of the house. If none of these rules are applicable, the member shall belong to the main branch. 2.2. Listing The recognized dynastic branches, with their first members, are: 1. the Athlonian branch: Sjurd Hergonstad (otherwise known as Sergius Hergones) 2. Blutwasser branch: Ludwig Blutwasser 3. Dariolinian branch: Elijah Danielion and Nathan Dariolin 4. Froyalanish branch: Esther Maryam Amirdokhtar and Hallbjörn Haraldsson 5. Simrani branch: Daniyal Nelzadeh 2.3. Membership Aside from the first member or first members of a branch, each branch shall include among its members any member of the house who is: 1. descended, whether genetically or by adoption, from the first member of that branch, or in the case of two first members, the union between those two, or 2. adopted into the branch by the Emir or the Council of Elders, or 3. having married a member of that branch or 4. any descendant of a member of that branch by virtue of criterion 2, provided that he or she has no stronger links with any other branch by section 2.4. Government of a branch 2.4.1. The Emir appoints the initial Elder of each branch, and when there is a vacancy of the position. 2.4.2. The Elder of a branch makes by-laws for the organization, conduct and representation of the branch, and for the succession to the Head-ship, and for other matters that are appropriate for the branch. 2.4.3. The Council of Elders has power to amend by-laws. 2.4.4. The Elder shall represent the branch at the Council of Elders. He or she may, however, appoint a proxy to represent the Elder if he or she is unavailable. The proxy shall have the same power as if the proxy were an elder in right. 2.4.5. No branch may secede from the house on its own accord. 2.4.6. If a branch lacks surviving members, it goes extinct and shall cease to be counted among the branches. 2.5. Creation of a new branch 2.5.1. The Council of Elders may create a new branch of the house by resolution to create. Such resolution shall state the first member or first members who, if already belonging to another branch, shall cease to members of that branch. 2.5.2. The Council of Elders may adopt into the house a branch, if such act of adoption creates a first member. 3. GOVERNMENT OF THE HOUSE 3.1. The Emir 3.1.1. The incumbent Emir of Sathrati is the head of the house. Succession to this position is governed by decrees of the Emirate of Sathrati. The Emir (or the Council of Elders) may, during times of absence of the Emir, have a Secretary of the house appointed to perform his duties. 3.1.2. In the event that a person, who is not a member of the house, succeeds to Emir of Sathrati, the Council of Elders shall decide between adopting the new Emir into the house or electing a new head of the house, called the Patriarch or Matriarch. 3.2. Council of Elders 3.2.1. The Emir presides over the meetings of the Council of Elders, and shall not vote unless it is to break a tie. 3.2.2. The Emir decides on the rules of procedure of the Council of Elders. 3.2.3. In the Council of Elders, each Elder is equal to the other. 3.2.4. All members of the house may speak in the Council of Elders, but only Elders (or their proxies) may vote. 3.2.5. The Council of Elders and the Emir have both, independently of each other, the power to make regulations for the house. In case of conflict between Emir’s house regulations and the Council’s house regulations, the Council's house regulations take precedence. 3.2.6. The Council of Elders shall meet in Lindström. 4. OTHER MATTERS 4.1. The house shall register as a corporate body in all appropriate jurisdictions. 4.3. The Charter may be amended by a vote of the Council of Elders, provided that the Emir assents to it. IN WITNESS WHEREOF We have this Farman signed with Our Hand. Given at the date of this Farman at the Palace of the Union the City of Ardashirshahr.
  4. Your High Holiness I have the honour to present the compliments of the Imperial Bovic Government of the Natopian Nation to you and to the whole government of the High Realm of Stormark. Under the Act to amend the Caprine Code of the Bovic Tapferite Empire of the Natopian Nation to effect a change of the name of the Empire, the name of the Empire is now the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation. Would your High Holiness be able to assist in changing the legal name of the Natopian Embassy in Haraldsborg so to reflect this new law? This will in no way affect any responsibilities or obligations that Natopia has under treaties or otherwise under international law with the High Realm. I have the honour to remain your faithful servant, NATHANIEL
  5. HIH Prince Nathaniel Grand Chamberlain of the Court of the Calm Waters Lindström HHH Lady Sigrdrifa Lady Warden to the Outland Haraldsborg Your High Holiness To you, my Lady, and to the government of the High Realm of Stormark I extend the compliments of the government of the Bovic Tapferite Empire of the Natopian Nation and mine. I have the honour to inform your High Holiness that I have been appointed Grand Chamberlain of the Court of the Calm Waters, a role that in Natopia is comparable to your office in Stormark. Relations between our countries are of great importance to the Natopian government. The manned and active embassy in Haraldsborg is one example of that objective, as are the many treaties being conducted between our governments. Another example is the strong interdynastic relationship the ruling families of our nations share. I have been instructed by the Natopian government to invite, on behalf of Minister Peter Laidon of Jingdao (who cited difficulties in communicating with Stormark), a representative of the government of the High Realm, for a meeting under Article 8.2 of the Tapfer Continental Organization and Standardization Treaty. The meeting is expected to take place near the village of Am Denkmal des Kapitän Callaghans on Penguin Island. I have the honour to extend to your High Holiness the assurance of my highest consideration, Nathaniel
  6. Emperor Nathaniel of the Natopians arrived with his brother Naian, the Raja of Tas Neemia, greeted Lady Wenche, the Archbishop of Geneva and the First Consul of Alexandria each before spotting his own chancellor. "Good to see you Christo!" Soon enough, Nathaniel's aunt would be married.
  7. Nathaniel woke up 36 hours later in the imperial ward of Haraldsborg's most regal hospital. Somehow, by the unluckiest turn of events, he fell unconscious by his own stupidity among the rocks. But he was in great care and felt terrific now. In fact, he felt as if he never had felt any better. Had he been given some Idunish apple juice? God knows. A few phone-calls from the Chancellor in Natopia later, Nathaniel had been informed that a brother had been found. His father Nathan had fathered another son, Naian, in the mysterious Hazel forests, and the Chancellor advised Nathaniel to immediately return home. As a constitutional monarch, he feared that he had no other choice right now. He had lunch with the High King's daughter, herself a Queen and seeming female chaperone of Nathaniel's trip to Stormark. He profoundly apologized for having to leave so soon, and promised that the trip to Humlebaek would have to wait until things had calmed down and his aunt had married Aesileif's brother. "But that will be soon," Nathaniel smiled, "I will of course return to the wedding!"
  8. "Of course," said the emperor and brought the storjarla to one of the stones hidden by a few low-laying branches. "Look here, see this runes? They're old Hurmu runes, quite unlike the Storish ones. Here it says..." Nathaniel bowed himself down, dusted off some of the dirt on the stone, and just as he was about to stand up tall again, he hit his head on the branch above, which brought him down to the stone again. Nathaniel's head cracked, and blood started streaming down the stone. A bodyguard came running fast, and applied first aid. "My Lady!" he shouted. "He's still unconscious. We need medical assistance immediately."
  9. Nathaniel knocked on the door. Esther showed him the pictures too, "Isn't he cute?" she said and smiled. "Yes, very much so," Nathaniel replied, smiling too. "He looks much more blond than last I saw him!" He chuckled. "Aunt Esther -- please, I need to speak with you. A matter of state importance. Lady Aesileif, will you please excuse us for a moment?" "Of course," the storjarla replied. Nathaniel and Esther headed out, went to Nathaniel's cabin. "I have appointed you Natopia's ambassador to Stormark. It's only temporary. Once you're married, it would be bad form to keep you ambassador... but really now I need someone I can trust. The Natopian government wants to negotiate a treaty with Stormark..." "Yes, Nathaniel... that's perfectly alright. As I was saying to Aesileif, I was hoping to go to Haraldsborg tomorrow anyway." "Alright, thanks. Stay in contact though?" "Of course... I love you as if you were my own son." Nathaniel hugged his aunt, and while doing so sobbed a little. "Damn it, I have to regain my composure..." "Shhh...." was all that Esther said. Two minutes later, Nathaniel had written the necessary papers. "Here you are. Take them to the High King tomorrow. Sorry about my behaviour." "My love, there is nothing to be sorry about. I am to be sorry... I haven't considered your feelings much. I will be better." The hugged and parted, and Esther went back to Aesileif. Nathaniel stayed in his cabin and started a telepresence conference with the Imperial Council at Lindstrom. Due to the differences in time zones, this was the earliest time possible.
  10. While touring the Haithabu Cathedral and market, Nathaniel walked closely to Lady Aesileif. His aunt was feeling unwell, she wasn't used to much activities since her time in hospital so she decided to rest. "I forgot to thank you for your eloquent presentation of these grounds from when we were flying. I am afraid I have to upset you... your telling didn't really do this majesty any justice," said Nathaniel and gave Aesileif his best smile. "Also, I just spoke to my aunt. She has decided to give the brooch of Tårbaek to her husband, as well as some other Humlebaek regalia... I'm afraid I didn't quite catch actually what. She'll collect them from the family vault when we get there." The entourage were served some refreshments, while a newsreel at the market stated that Aesileif's son had been elected king of Batavians. "Wow, my Lady, my warmest congratulations for your son!"
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