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  1. Daniel Kalirion, my father, would be the one you used to know, Sir Polten.
  2. He has. He is deeply enamoured with it. He sends his regards to you, my Lady, and he hopes to talk to you personally one day. He's taking a great interest in your religion.
  3. Oh yes, I know. Maybe Rose Cape would interest our lost son?
  4. What jarldom did Sir Polten have before?
  5. I'm glad you found it valuable. Thank you.
  6. The first Emir of Sathrati was Ayreon Rashid. He became Emir of Sathrati after stepping down as Babkhan shahanshah (king of kings) in 1542. He died less than two years later, being succeeded by his elder son who shared his name Rashid, Rashid Karyanzadeh Arsalani. He was the brother of Daniel, a much older and the eldest, and outlived all other siblings (Cashmaiel and Nour) than Daniel, and even outliving his son Daniel (after whom the more famous Daniel was named). In 1574, Rashid Karyanzadeh died of old age, and the Emirate of Sathrati was succeeded to by Daniel Kalirion. He held this until his death in 1586. The death has been proved to have been orchestrated by Kaspar Soleiman Ermo-ra-Araezelion, and it is presumed that the will that Daniel published not long before his death was made under duress. Nonetheless, after Daniel's death, Kaspar became the new Emir of Sathrati, a title he held for three years until his suicide. His son Mirza Soleimanzadeh succeeded him, however, he died in the Babkhan apocalypse in 1598. Lady Esther then inherited that title as she was the closest living relative. The heir-apparent to the title Emir of Sathrati is Lady Esther's eldest son, Lord Jonathan. A "fun fact" is that it was almost not so that Daniel Kalirion would have succeeded. Rashid Karyanzadeh's son Daniyal Naelzadeh died a few months before this occasion, but at the time of his death, his spouse was expecting a child. If that child was born at the time of Karyanzadeh's death, then the line would pass to the Simrani part of the family (Simrani al-Sathrati). Emirs of Sathrati 1542-1544 Rashid Eskenderzadeh Arsalani, 1st Emir of Sathrati 1544-1574 Rashid Karyanzadeh Arsalani, 2nd Emir of Sathrati 1574-1586 Daniel Kalirion, 3rd Emir of Sathrati 1586-1589 Kaspar Soleiman Ermo-ra-Araezelion, 4th Emir of Sathrati 1589-1598 Mirza Soleimanzadeh Sahib Pir, 5th Emir of Sathrati 1598-pres Esther Maryam Amirdokhtar, 6th Emir of Sathrati Order of succession 1. Lord Jonathan 2. Thorstein Noah 3. Audun Joel 4. Nathaniel Andre Utas 5. Daniel Simrani-Kalirion al-Sathrati 6. Nour Bint Simrani-Kalirion 7. Isabella Simrani-Kalirion 8. Miranda Simrani-Kalirion
  7. TAPFERITE CONFERENCE ANNOUNCED The Natopian government has invited its counterparts of Alexandria and Stormark to join Natopia in a conference on all mutual concerns on Tapfer with the following being the Natopian government's proposed agenda:
  8. He looks more and more like his father for every day... *sobs* Thank you every one! We had a good day with lots of good things going on. He's very happy. As am I.
  9. Fifteen years ago, my first son Jonathan was born. Here he is in a princely Humlebaek court dress at the reception of his birthday.
  10. In the Hurmu language, not very dissimilar to the Storish here, but has its own peculiarities!
  11. Not tall at all, it's just a metre high. It's basically there to delimit the grounds, but the shortness of it is to show a welcoming atmosphere, so people can can look inside and feel enticed to worship.
  12. Lady Law Speaker, Members of the Althing, I wish to ask for your advice. My three children and I are listed on the line of succession to the Natopian throne. Now, the Law of Ettlingar Freyu requires of me and my two youngest children to have an exception from the Althing to accept such place. I would like to rquest such exception for myself and my two youngest children, so that in the sad case that suddenly where my nephew and his brother both have died, I would be able to succeed, and avoid a constitutional crisis in Natopia -- a county with which we are in good terms now. But how should such a thing be formulated?
  13. In the main temple building, it's very small. Only two wards.
  14. Everything brown is a building. So the small dots are smaller buildings than the big 500 metre-per-side temple.
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