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  1. Lady Hertha wishes to offer a brief description of the Horses of The High Realm of Stormark. They have a high spirit and are worthy of careful handling. Along with this, these beautiful creatures will show great personality. They are hardy beasts, from lines that have been carefully monitored for centuries, however natural selection is at the fore. Not as tall as some would envisage, usually no more than 15 handspan. Their coats are of many, many different colors with an exceptionally wide, coarse main. Deep strong chests and long backs. They are hardy as well as beautiful. Known for having a tölt, a gait that enables them to accelerate at a great speed. They are tenacious and will never let an good owner down. Here I present a selection of our Horses of the High Realm of Stornork
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    Lady Hertha thanks the High King Harold and all involved in this High Realm who bestowed her Patricianship. I vow to do my utmost to hold the trust you have in me. [OOC - dances around the Hall, singing as well. ]
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    The Viking Name you would like to assume: Hertha Highstable The Jarldom that you would like to be your Jarldom of Residence: The Jarldom of Gularike The House of the High Realm you would like to join: Vanadís Where are you from? The Hinterland of Vinland (the real one) What's your timezone? Central Daylight How did you find the High Realm of Stormark? I discovered Stormark after reading The Viking Answer Lady's writings, which led me to wish to explore realms I could become involved with. Why would you like to join the High Realm of Stormark? I like the way women are considered as equals by the Vikings (unless they were thralls), they can rule, make decisions, fight, and work the farms when needed to. In what way would you like to contribute to the High Realm of Stormark?

 I would like to engage in animal husbandry, dogs and horses especially. Do you hold citizenship in or allegiance to other micronations? No. 

To which other micronations, if any, have you held allegiance to? None. ...................................................................................................................................... (submitted with thanks to Sigrdrífa the Priestess for her wonderful help and advice)
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    Inspirational Quotes

    Praise day at even, a wife when dead, a weapon when tried, a maid when married, ice when 'tis crossed, and ale when 'tis drunk.
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    None at all, which is why I am having to do a lot of exploring of this Realm and becoming more excited to be here as I do so. Thank you for the welcome, Lady Unna
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    Thank you everyone for my warm welcome. I discovered Stormark after reading The Viking Answer Lady's writings, which led me to wish to explore realms I could become involved with. I am glad I found myself here.
  7. My Finn name would be Vellama Metsala, meaning continuously flowing water (Vellama) and Woods (Metsala)
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    Thank you, High King, I have realized I have a lot of exploring to do! AND I am looking forward to it!