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  1. Elizabeth Howard

    Orders in Council #209, Elisabeth Fjárhirðir: Patrician of Stormark

    Gentlemen, This is a moot point really. The Lady finds herself, not in Stormark, or in the old Alexandrian Empire. She has taken refuge in uninhabited lands, protected by her loyals citizens, and has founded a New Alexandrian Republic. The Lady cannot be arrested where she does not reside.
  2. Elizabeth Howard

    Polten House

    Priestess, I find the lavish architecture to be to my liking. Polten House is decidedly beautiful and I feel quite honoured to have it as my residence.
  3. Elizabeth Howard


    Actually, my Lady Priestess, I was quite inspired by a poem you yourself wrote about Vinland, found here. Very beautifully composed! The name Vinland itself also caught my attention, bringing to mind a region filled with grapes and vineyards.
  4. Elizabeth Howard


    Hmm...perhaps "Bearer of Pen & Sword under Odin"?
  5. Elizabeth Howard


    My Lady, I have submitted a petition to His Royal Majesty above. Please let me know if it be deemed insufficient for some reason. Thank you, Elisabeth
  6. Elizabeth Howard


    To High King Harald's Most Excellent & Imperial Majesty: Your August Majesty, The most humble servant of the High Realm of Stormark and of your Majesty hopes to find her Sovereign Lord in ever-prospering health and begs your Majesty's blessing upon her. In all humility and reverence, the aforementioned truthfully submits herself before your Majesty, the Righteous King of this Highest Realm and the Gatekeeper of Valhalla, and petitions as follows: that your Majesty might be pleased to grant the Realm's loyalest servant a legal dispensation, allowing her to obtain citizenship in Stormark, despite contributing to other micronations. Before the Might of Odin, and upon her own life, your Majesty's faithful servant pledges her perpetual allegiance to your Most Gracious and Royal Person. I have the honour to remain, Sir, your Imperial Majesty's most humble and obedient servant, in word and deed. Yours Humbly, Elisabeth
  7. Elizabeth Howard


    The Viking Name you would like to assume: Elisabeth The Jarldom that you would like to be your Jarldom of Residence: The Viceroyalty of Vinland The House of the High Realm you would like to join: Vanadís Where are you from? Kingstown, Britannia [OOC: United States] What's your timezone? GMT -5:00 How did you find the High Realm of Stormark? Invitation for His Majesty The King Why would you like to join the High Realm of Stormark? To better explore the High Realm and learn about its culture In what way would you like to contribute to the High Realm of Stormark? Executive or Legislative Position, depending on availability Do you hold citizenship in or allegiance to other micronations? -Britannia -Alexandria -Mercury
  8. Elizabeth Howard

    Welcome to Elisabeth Howard!

    Your Majesty, High Priestess, I thank you both for the warm welcome to the High Realm of Stormark! I am wonderful and looking forward to exploring your nation. The Norse theme is quite fascinating to me. Yours Humbly, Elizabeth Howard